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Dragoniade2019-02-20 20:30:47

Hello everyone,
Here is another update. Sorry for the late update. After the lack of news following my birthday right after the last update, I got weighted down with extra time at work, short night, family time and booked week-end which left me with few spare time to work on the update.
Sorry for that.

Thanks for the 300 persons who responded on my survey. I'll be compiling the responses and give the results on the next update.

I'll also be at Furnal Equinox next month. If you're attending, feel free to say hi.

Now for this update: 5.04 GB of clips; 16 shows updated or added; 269 Transformation clips; 140 Scene clips

Resampled content:

And as usual, support are always appreciate. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.

Until next time

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