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Dragoniade2005-10-17 00:00:00
Ok. I’ve had enough. Some people are really great at ruining someone evening. First I browse and notice someone posted yet another sequence showing blatant lack of skill, poorly drawn porn which clearly shown the artist still haven’t put any effort learning anatomy on both human and animal. That kind of work show how slacking the artist is. Yet the first comments it get are such things as: “What a piece of art!”, “You’re a goddess”, “You’re the best of the TF”. Such comment promoting cheap, unskilled, too stubborn and lazy to improve artists whose work shown they prefer do cheap work for fan than actually improve themselves.

Then I’m shown a posting on a forum, where the same people licking her feet (for not saying the ‘A’ word) are putting us down. We’re not good enough. We’re lazy. The site is not as it used to be. They’re pissed because they don’t get the clip they want. We’re going downhill.

Don’t you people realize that we now have about 5 GB of stuff online? The top before the change was like 3.5 GB.
Do you people realize how much time it take to monitor, track, record, capture, edit, encode, then databases all the stuff?

Do you people realize how long it takes grabbing 800 thumbnails from clip, to get their size and checksum to insure their integrity, tracking which episode it is from and keeping the episode list updated?

Do you realize how much it cost to keep up to date with new release on DVD? How much it cost to get a PVR and digital TV to have access to the TF media? That the PVR I got costed me 250$?

Do you realize that constant capturing / encoding are damaging hard drives and it cost me at least 1 HD a year to replace the one that may fail. Do you realize the cost of the hundreds of DVD disks and the extra HD I have to purchase for backup and storage?

Do you realize that reliable hosting doesn’t come cheap, and that we’ve been lucky to have Kyreeth offering us free bandwidth and space on his server? Do you realize that he also lost his free hosting option and is now paying from his own pocket, thus that the site future rests on his generosity?

Do you realize how frustrating it is to see leech, fan boys and creep licking others butt because they’re updating with cheesy, cheap, wanking material for easy fan boys, while you work your ass to get something working, reliable and professional. Seeing how someone won’t work to improve themselves when you put the effort to increase the quality (the moving from half-screen to full screen capture had a cost).

From the last few days, it seems you don’t. And it’s getting irritating. People talking on our back; lamenting about not getting their fetish relieved; taking cheap shot at us. Offering solutions that would only ensure they get their stuff then go away. According to the database, there are about 12 thousands users and I estimate that only 3200 are real user and not sock-puppets for the poll (who actually downloaded more than 100 Megs). Out of those 3200 users, only about 4-5 persons actually shown interest to the site and offered something back in either arts or media for the site. And I’m sick of it…

My birthday is in less than a month (November 12th). I’m really thinking about pulling the plug on the AVI once and for all. Those people who complained because they wouldn’t get their clip won’t be complaining anymore: there won’t be any clips at all. If thinks don’t change until then, if we don’t see some ‘love’, then the clips go. Period! The site won’t be a clips archive; the site won’t become a TF critic site. The site will become a TF media database and will only list what is found in what show.

Thanks Keanu and John for the gift arts for the site. Thanks Lizardman for the box of DVD for the site. Thanks Dragonfan for the gift arts. Thanks TFProxy and Lizardman for that nice gift sequence. Thanks Justin for that box of DVD. Thanks for the others I’m forgetting who did more than just asking for clips were and actually were offering support to those who actually try to work on the community. You’ll be always welcome. As for the others... November 12th is the deadline. You have no idea what to do? You want total about it? Then you’re invited to join the forum. Since our current forum isn’t done to handle such thread, I’m moving the discussion to the Metamorphorum until I can manage to update the site forum to something better.
Dragoniade2005-09-25 00:00:00
Ok. There's the so awaited update. I've added 3 news new shows to download, and added a new feature to which I applied to 5 shows: previews.

Previews are small resolution (160x120) video with low quality audio. They are mean to be previews of some clips. Even though they are smaller in size, we can't upload for every clip as long as we're on this server. Maybe in the future we will.
Uploaded previews are from 4 Transformations shows (Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, Koji: Sex Murder Investigation Officer and Cursed) and 2 Scenes shows (Pokémon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003).

I've also added a new feature: Ban. Banned account won't have access to the registered content anymore and I'll be watching those accounts too. Those who got banned were because they either harassed up in email, board or instant messenger, or did personal attack on us or on some of the contributor. With how some of the people reacted with the lack of update, I'm not going to be lenient on those people. We don't work for you, and we we're told we should screw up and simply give the clips away, don't expect us to welcome us here.

I've also deleted the accounts that haven't been acceded in the last 12 months to do some clean up. If you didn't log or downloaded anything within the past 12 months, and can't log in anymore, open another account.

We also hit the 2 millions hits. As expected. No congratulation, no thanks. But hey, we can't expect much from the same person who kept sending us hate mail or post telling to shut down the site if we're not going to update, nor it is going to be a memorable day to remember considering other personal issue that occurred the same day.

Anyway, I may plan something for it anyway. What I was thinking was another contest for the site, probably an art contest where the theme would be us: Dragoniade and Stonegate. As a prize, I was thinking DVD of clips found on the site, playable on an home DVD player, something like 5-8 DVD for the first prize and going down with the second, third place and so on. Details are still on the work, as I got to determine if it's doable. Opinions are welcomed and I may forward the chat to the Metamorphorum until the new board is operational on the site.

A lot of people have been complaining every file weren't available online. For those still not catching on, we have over 50 Gigs of video files. Considering we're getting this space for free, you're all luck we can put clips online. Right now, we're like using 5Gigs of spaces for clips AND pictures. If you people want to see EVERY clips online, then you'll have to start helping and that doesn't mean sending small low quality clips taken from a file sharing software. That means money. We've spotted a server that would cover our need for about 100-120 $ per month. But to be able to pay that, we got 2 options:

Start taking donations and keep the site on donation. People would need to donate enough to maintain the site. If every registered member were to send like 2-5 $ per month, there would be enough to maintain the site and show your appreciation with the extra. Even host a few extra sites. But donations are extremely UNRELIABLE and since it is out of the question that we pay out of our pocket. Capturing, maintaining, updating and storing such collection do cost constant money, in either hardware (Hard drive, backup, VCR and PVR), media (backup DVD, bought DVD and Tapes for new contents), Internet (unlimited high speed internet isn't cheap). We don't want to put hosting cost over that. So with donation, it's either we reach the goal by the end of the month or the site close for good.

The second option was turning the site into a Transformation and Creatures Critic site. Making a paying site under the critic is feasible considering we're only dealing with clips and segment dealing with a common theme. Other site, like IGN and Adcritic are doing the same: basic content for free, extended content at a cost. Even though we wouldn't ask for the same as those site do, something in the order of 5-10$ a year for EVERYONE would be required to download any clips bigger than the new previews.

Those are the 2 options we've thought of. But until we get some cash to actually start something (setup fee and first month require at least 300$ to start up) and until we knows that the 10'000 registered members aren't sock puppets used to download more clips, we won't take any step forward.
Dragoniade2005-05-20 00:00:00
I have finished going through the files I had and had salvaged. The site has been updated to reflect the missing files.

You can view the missing content by going at this address

Now, if you happen to have anything missing, or any replacement content, contact me (my contact info are on the contact section) so that we can organize the transfer. I’ll tell you then where to send the materials.

In the meanwhile, I will start to update the site with new content. With that hard drive crash, I had content on hold since last December. This is going to be a big update, so I’m going to be pushing gradually.

Once this is done, I’ll have to spare some cash to get the material on a brand new HD, get an enclosure and then send it all to Stonegate by mail. Those are some extra fees that I’ll have to wait since I can’t afford them right now.
Dragoniade2005-04-09 00:00:00
As you know, Stonegate had lost all the content of his hard drive last month. I have been working tirelessly to sort what I have and what I don't, to weight the lost. So far, I've reached mid D (I'm doing my search alphabetically). This means looking for the file, comparing version and size, deleting cloned and damaged files, adding those that were forgotten. There are nearly 9000 files to go through, and it takes a lot of time.

So from now on, all 'lost' files have 'LOST' button instead of the normal 'VOTE' button. Also, a list of the missing files so far can be found at this address:

I recommend to everyone to have a look and contact me if they got any of the missing files.

Stonegate2005-03-18 00:00:00
A few days ago i was hit by either a power problem or a virus or something close to either, and all my hardrives have lost there partitions were damaged, so i lost everything, files, pics, vids, everything...

This is where you guys can help, Dragoniade has quite abit of the site and files saved to him, majhority of the new dated material, but not the older dated stuff, he is going to go through his material an see what stuff of my material he has of the vid files and so the site will be on halt to we finish the database update to see what he has saved, so some listings might change from vote to WANT, meaning those files were lost from my drives,

Now if anyone can check on what they got from me in the past, like old files from maybe before the site change, let us know and try to send it us so we can rebuild the archives of the site back. right know we are unsertain on what is lost, so bear with us, the avi download voting will stop until we figure what is salvaged.

To state again, most of the reent updated or new files during the last 2 years are probally all with dragoniade, we are looking for the older files that might have not been updated recently.

Stonegate Shadowlord
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