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Dragoniade2023-01-21 21:23:26

I wish everyone an Happy New Year.

With the beginning of this new year, I would like to thank everyone who supported me during 2022.

  • Tommy
  • Wolfaro
  • Velfarre2001
  • Dragonsica
  • Pedey
  • Lee for responding for my request for web redesign. Sorry for not being there enough to get the progress done
  • The person who got me Syrax Pop Figure from my wish list for Christmas. Contact me for a personal thanks, as Amazon doesn't disclose who fulfilled a wish.
  • 4 Anonymous donator who wish to remain uncredited

For 2023, I'm going to keep monthly update, but I'm going to decrease their size in order to keep time for other things. Series fulfillment like this Sabrina set can take a lot of time to get done, from the source material retrieval, the scan of all the episodes and movies, the selection of the clip, the extraction, the encoding, the metadata research, the data preparation and finally the update.
I've been wanting to do with all the step, and further historical and informative details about the site and transformations in general, but after searching for a good animated avatar for some years now and coming unsuccessful results, or finding the price to be very high, I kind if put that on the side boiler.

So, plan for 2023:

  • Smaller update
  • Time for myself. My steam games has been gathering dust from the lack of launches.
  • Find an artist to get a proper realistic, anatomically correct reference sheet for my character and his forms.
  • Migrate the legacy site to AWS.
  • Create a Discord server
  • Finalize the site redesign and hopefully fully migrate to AWS.

Support in arts, Ko-fi (or Paypal) donations or social interactions are always welcome.
Support: Supporters page and Contact

1.97 GB of clips;
18 shows updated or added;
245 Transformation clips;
24 Scene clips

See you in February. No, I don't have plan for a Valentine update.

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