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Dragoniade2010-12-16 19:58:57

Latest update is it.
Teen Titans, counting for 396 new clips. That one was darn long to do. And having a corrupted storage I have to be careful it won't pollute the backup sure isn't helping. Especially since the replacement drive is a DOA and my storage box keep stalling...
Anyone can get me or behave as a proxy to get me one or two of those:

It's about time for the vacations period to arrive.

Dragoniade2010-10-09 21:39:48

The update is up. This one really took a long time to do, mostly because there were a lot of clips and the show wasn't that interesting. Still, it had some dragon.

So 2 more Yu-Gi-Oh! update.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters

Regarding further update. I skipped 2 months since the last update. From now on, update are no longer monthly, but as I feel so.

Truth be told, time has taken its toll and I don't feel the magic I once felt working on the site. Lets be truthful, Stonegate is practically KIA. I haven't actively seen him online for years. Some offline AIM message every 6 months but that's it. For the last 5 years, I've been running the show totally alone.

The site is one of the grand-father sites. Not many sites can claim to have been there at the beginning. Not many are still actively updating too. Transfur, CYOC are the only 2 sites I can name that were there a long time ago and still run. Though, some of them suffered from the time too: Tranfur became Transporn and CYOC became a faggotry site.

Still, those 2 sites have something in commons: it's the users that drive the content. The owners are only in charge of hosting and coding. Here, at Shadowlord, I do the coding and I have to provide the content. The hosting is in the hand of someone else, which sort of relieve me of some stress, but still add more as, when something happen, I can't do a single thing about it. It's still a lot of work for a single person, who do everything for free.

No, I haven't lost my love for Transformation. But the online community has taken a very bad direction. All is about porn, porn and more porn. Good transformation, not wank fodder, are getting rare. Transfur get more transporn as it "sell". And new artists sadly seem to take that approach too. A few months ago, for instance, one new artist offered transformations sketch to people. When she started taking commission, she moved to FagAffinity and practically all her work ever since are all bad porn. This is nothing to make things better.

Added to the fact that people are more vocal and expressive toward that kind of content, returns and feedback are pretty low, if not nonexistent. To a point where, when I wanted to work on this update, the question "what's the point of doing this?" often came to my mind.

Until the clouds start to disperse and the sun start to shine again over the TF community, I will keep most of the transformation for myself. Update will still happen, but not as predictable as they were. I'll make myself happy first, the community second. For instance, I do plan to get more TF sketch done for Fur Fright. This will be a change to what I find online. There's much satisfaction there.

I'll post update information and any change of thought at the same usual place:

So, stay tuned there for more info and active feedback is welcome.

Thanks to the few that gave back support, arts and comments. I really appreciate it, especially the arts :)

Dragoniade2010-09-07 05:34:16
No Update for August.
Two reasons:

Starcraft 2!
No further explanation needed!

Server trouble.
Our host decided to move some virtual machines to a new physical machine following the crash that happen a few months ago. To make things worse, he decided to upgrade the OS version to a new testing release and change authentication. This broke nearly everything, from the database to the file system. I've been waiting for things to get more stable on his end before fixing things, but seeing nothing is getting done, I've 'patched' the site to have it working again. I'll be checking the logs for more broken things in the meanwhile.

Dragoniade2010-07-31 17:56:24

July' update is up.

The Z section has been completed. I wanted to do more into the Y one to be able to finish for August, but I lacked time to do so.

So, this month update consist of :

P.S. I'm also looking for a room for Fur Fright and maybe MFF.

Dragoniade2010-06-28 21:15:29

Seriously, it's the last fringing time I ever set up a RAID-5 array.

Each time, each fringing time, I've had the file server shut down unexpectedly, dues to a brown down the UPS wasn't able to handle or any other reason, the stupid RAID-5 would fail.

And if did it again. Fucking 15 minutes storm, ONE single brown out and bam. The main server didn't feel a thing, the file server shut down immediately. And now? TWO drives faulty. What's the fucking purpose of having redundant drives if they fail automatically after every single problem.

Now trying to see what is salvageable, comparing to the 2 months old backup. Thankfully, I backup my clips after the update, so those are quite safe. Except I lose the time I spent last time for the July update. But goodbye the recent captured episodes and downloaded re-sample from two months ago..

Sometime, I wonder if it's fucking worth it to archive stuff I work on when there seem there is no interest whatsoever for them.

Anyone care to donate a 4U disk array unit with 12 drives?

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