Older News from 2003

Dragoniade2003-07-28 00:00:00
The site has been restored to what it has been before the crash. However, some services are missing from the server following that crash. This include the graphic library used by the counter, but more importantly, the email service. No email seem to be able to leave the server. So, until we figure out how to re-enable the mail, the login procedure has sightly changed.
After entering your information, the validation email will be sent to you on the screen. You will then have to validate using that information. We will work that way util the email are restored. So, starting by now (13h30 EAST), the login database is reseted to zero. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Dragoniade2003-07-26 00:00:00
You probably already know this, but Shadowlord and Dragoniade Inc. has been down during the whole week. The reason for this was than our host server's hard drive died last monday. Now it's up and running again (thanks a lot Kyreeth), but the last backup was last since May.

During this week-end, I'll work to restore it to as much as we can to what it was in July. This will requiere us to delete the entire database and restore it. This mean the lose of the saved login info, but since most are already lost (there was only 300 record in May, compared to what it was in July).

I also figured out why so many would get the "IP already registered" error message. Some cheap ISP, rather than paying and assigning to each of their user an IP, choose to use a proxy. This cause for 'Every' users of that ISP to have the same IP. For those who have that problem, go complain to your ISP for their greediness In the meantime, I'll remove that detection and this should solve most of the problem.

But since the login in the database will be erased, please DO NOT REGISTER until the site is restored again.
Re-registering shouldn't happend again in the futur, as proper backup of the database will be done. It's was my absence during this summer that caused backup not to be done.

Welcome back and nice browsing.

Dragoniade2003-05-04 00:00:00
After 4 months of wait, the new site is up. The media and characters sections are up and running. In the following months, we will restore the other sections, beginning with the artists sections.

Now, what has changed? First on, the entire site is database driven. Every items are stored internally. That mean easier update and management for us, and new features.
For example, the old vote system is gone. No longer you are restrained to a few shows to which vote on. If a show is not on available, a vote button is available instead of the new download button.

The new download system requiere login. Once registered, use your login to get the clips. A download limit of 100 megs has been imposed, to prevent massive download that would harm the servers. A download request is available for 12 hours. After that, the link is severed and you must ask for another download, which count on your dayly total. But the reason the limit was added, is because from now on, scene will be available to download. Just like TF clips, you can vote for the scene from a show. Note however than scene upload and vote are independant to each other. Voting for Dragon Ball Z TF clips won't mean the Dragon Ball Z scenes are going to be uploaded at the same time.

Another change is the pictures from clips. The old, slate like display is still available, and a new, more interactive display was added. Have a look.

A word of advice. The new site requiered to have JavaScript and Cookies enabled to work.

I hope you'll all like the new layout and features. We worked hard on it.

Dragoniade, and Stonegate Owners of Shadowlord Inc.
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