This page is dedicated to the people who has helped with the site. Help include among other things:

  • Making a Ko-fi or Paypal donation toward the site;
  • Donating some media (Blu-ray, DVD, tapes, games, comic, etc. containing material for the site;
  • Offering their time to help improve the site;
  • Offering their time to help with the updates;
  • Offering moral support through fanarts or transformation fanarts of Dragoniade;
  • Offering something from my Amazon Wishlist
  • And any other help offered.

Ko-fi or Paypal donations

  • An Anonymous dragon for making multiple big donations (Thanks!!)
  • Dragonsica
  • Faize
  • Fusano
  • MorphingSkye
  • Pedey
  • Thomas
  • Velfarre2001
  • Wolfaro
  • 3 Anonymous donator who wish to remain uncredited

Wishlish supporter

As Amazon doesn't disclose who are fulfulling a request, I cannot name them. If you see your gift listed here, please contact me for a proper thank you.

Site related donations

This include DVD, Blu-ray, VHS tapes, server spaces, etc.

Third party website supporters

External websites that contributed to the site.

To all of these person, thank you. Your help will go toward keeping the site running.

Your truly, Dragoniade