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Dragoniade2011-12-18 21:04:59

Finally, an update. 4 shows in the D letter.

It has roughly been 9 months since the last update. I don't plan to make such delayed updates an habits, but things have been rather busy here.

About the time of that last update, I decided I had enough with my appartment. So I went looking for a house, and bought one. Moved-in by the end of June. With the paperwork for the morgage, packing, moving, unpacking, fixing up the house, along with my main work, left me not that much time to work on that update. Some bit here and there, but never nothing fully ready to be put online.

On top of that, I filled my PVR and I have been marathoning through it to get new content. As you see, in the meanwhile, I decided to get myself a Blackmagic Intensity capture card. This baby allow me to capture HD content through HDMI. So, you can expect more content in 1280x720 format from me in the future. Already been recaptured some show such as American Dragon: Jake Long, Legend of Tarzan, The Emperor New School, Grimm, etc in HD.

While I'm still nearly through my back log, I'm not still fully out yet. Expect some delay between update, but not as much as the last one. You must not all forget I'm all alone to work on the site. Stonegate is pratically MIA for years now. Help is from scarce to none, and it reflect on the update. Then again, from what I saw on other TF sites, help is something not easy to find at all.

Until next update.

Dragoniade2011-03-20 21:50:46

The latest update is up. 8 mostly new shows and about 140 new files.

My favorites? Hmm. Lots of dinosaurs in Super Hero Squad Show and some nice make up effect in Face Off.

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