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First 2020 update2020-02-25 23:06:06

Hello Everyone.
Here is the first update for 2020. A bit delayed due to the extra workload at work and the lack of motivation... Yay to lack of feedback. Also, what they say: all work and no play makes a dragon something something.
Bunch of Beast Boy occurrences, and some good dragon scenes for the fellow herpetophiles.
Some of the Lampwick fan may like one particular transformation.
Anyway, enjoy the update.

And as usual, support are always appreciate. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.

P.S. I'm looking for someone who can Facerig compatible rigged 3D model. If you are or know someone who can do it, let me know. I want to commission a Facerig Dragoniade.

2.95 GB of clips;
17 shows updated or added;
95 Transformation clips;
54 Scene clips

Until next time

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