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Dragoniade2020-11-05 21:19:52

Hello Everyone.
I hope everyone is holding up. Moral is low but still holding. Being remote, both for work and help keeping the moral though. Can't wait for the snow. Will be a good reason to isolate ourselve in ours cabins.

My birthday is coming, on November 12th (yay). This dragon is getting older and older.

In any case, back at the update. A bit smaller than the previous one, but faster. Kind of a pattern here.
And as usual, support are always appreciate. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.
I'm also looking for: Facerig compatible rigged 3D model of Dragoniade, or any Dragoniade's fan materials.

3,39 GB of clips;
23 shows updated or added;
102 Transformation clips;
36 Scene clips

  • Amphibia 1080p resampling and season 2 clips
  • Belair Direct A dragon commercial advertisement.
  • Ducktales (2017) 1080p resampling and clips from Season 3.
  • Dragon's Dogma Partial dragon limbs transformation then poof! Wish the transformation was more progressive. Still, better than the game cutscene.
  • Glitch Techs Dragons and Dinosaurs transformations and scenes.
  • Idhun Chronicles, The Lizardman and werewolf transformation. Will this short series survive?
  • Crayola A dragon commercial advertisement.
  • Credit Karma A moose commercial advertisement.
  • Dell A Tyrannosaurus Rex commercial advertisement.
  • Hell and Back Devil muscle inflation.
  • ImaginextA various dinosaurs commercial advertisement.
  • Interac A bear commercial advertisement.
  • Marvel Rising 1080p resampling and clips of the mini-series episodes.
  • Marvel Superhero Adventures Frost Fight 1080p resampling of Reptil's dinosaur transformations.
  • Owl House, The Left sided owl monsters and witchery transformations. Looking forward season 2 with the boring propaganda.
  • Pinocchio (1940)
  • Pinocchio (2019) An Italian version of the well known donkey transformation. At the pace of current bad Disney's live action remake, lets bet this one will beat the one on Disney's coming remake.
  • Playskool A Tyrannosaurus Rex commercial advertisement.
  • Sapporo A dragon commercial advertisement.
  • Seis Manos Dark sorcery induced monster and muscle transformations.
  • Witches, The (2020)A remake of the movie and book of the same name. Except for the added chicken transformation (where is the porpoise one), this remake falls into the trend of recent remake: BAD. The transformations are cheap and the United-Statians thievery of the original content distract the good content. Disappointing remake. Enjoy the bubbling under-clothing mouse transformations.
  • Wreck-It Ralph 1080p resampling and missing clip.

Until next time

Dragoniade2020-08-17 22:52:38

Hello Everyone.
First, sorry for the delayed update. We know how the world is all turned inside out lately. Along with personal issues. If you don't mind about that, you can go straight to the update at the bottom.
Plenty of originals and remakes, resample and Corona themed transformations. Enjoy the update.

As for the delay... Things after the previous update were a bit... disappointing. First, just a few weeks before the previous update, 2 of our roommate for Furnal Equinox dropped, with the courtesy furries are known of, that they were rooming with someone else. Straight like that, and with no follow up because that would lead to dispute.
At first, I didn't bother much. I had vacation coming in. I should have time to find other people. But as the time come close, no feedback from them and the search went bad. Only 'avail abilities' were murrsuiter and other people like that. Considering the extra rooming was gonna cost me, I had serious doubt with the convention, but didn't felt like bailing on the remaining roommate the way I was bailed out.
But with the spring break over, with the Corona Virus outbreak starting, and being put at home quarantine for 2 weeks after returning from the break, I was having doubt even more about the convention. And so was my roommate.
In the end, we cancelled out the room 2 days before the con announced it was being cancelled for 2020.
And this whole ordeal kind of make me reconsider Furnal Equinox. I want to go to convention to meet friends and relax. Not being thrown under the bus like a mere commodity. Nor having to fight to get a room. And with the stuff I carry, sketchbooks, suit, I don't really want a side hotel and carry all my stuff. Nor walk 2-3 bloc each time I want to rest. Especially with 800 km drive to and from the convention.

After the convention ordeal, Corona hit in force. While I was put in quarantine at home right after getting back to work, it turned out that the whole office got closed 2 days after. Thankfully, the company I work at is able to practically work fully in remote work mode.
And rather that work alone, we decided it would be better if I move with the family for the duration of the shutdown. And maybe even more if remote work stay. That also mean moving some stuff there. And sadly, my site storage at that location wasn't as optimal as at home to work on update.
Samba is still a pain and after many attempts, I can't get full speed as I get at home. This slowed down the update too, as I had to test, upgrade, downgrade the backup server trying to find out why SAMBA is so slow here, but not at home.

And I will admin, transformation motivation has been low community wise. And to be honest, it has been since I decided to move back to Furaffinity. With DeviantArt being practically dead, there isn't much place to look for transformation materials. And on Furaffinty, transformation arts under that category seem to be more about some weird paraphilias with transformations rather than transformation itself.
The sheer amount of goro, deformity, malformation and more disorders in arts, mislabelled as transformation, have been decreasing my interest in what the transformation community has been producing. To a point that people seem to be more interested in focusing on chest cysts, testicular hernia, dysmelia in general as 'art style, etc.
Mind you, I'm still a fan of transformations. There are transformation to be found outside of the community and this update is part of it. But at this point, I kind of lost my interest in commissioning other transformations artists. Either because of the above, or it's become a fight to even get a spot. When you have to bid for a spot, or be part of Patreon to get a spot, people like me will always be penalized against someone living in a country who don't have a 30-35% currency difference.
But if you have artists you would recommend, or even recommend yourself, who don't belong to the above, feel free to drop me a comment or private message.

In any case, back at the update. Thing should be a bit better, but I don't expect full speed until 2021.
And as usual, support are always appreciate. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.
I'm looking for someone who can Facerig compatible rigged 3D model. If you are or know someone who can do it, let me know. I want to commission a Facerig Dragoniade.
Or any fan arts of Dragoniade or me transforming.
And with, BIG thanks to the 5 donators since the last update.

5,61 GB of clips;
26 shows updated or added;
226 Transformation clips;
40 Scene clips

Until next time

First 2020 update2020-02-25 23:06:06

Hello Everyone.
Here is the first update for 2020. A bit delayed due to the extra workload at work and the lack of motivation... Yay to lack of feedback. Also, what they say: all work and no play makes a dragon something something.
Bunch of Beast Boy occurrences, and some good dragon scenes for the fellow herpetophiles.
Some of the Lampwick fan may like one particular transformation.
Anyway, enjoy the update.

And as usual, support are always appreciate. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.

P.S. I'm looking for someone who can Facerig compatible rigged 3D model. If you are or know someone who can do it, let me know. I want to commission a Facerig Dragoniade.

2.95 GB of clips;
17 shows updated or added;
95 Transformation clips;
54 Scene clips

Until next time

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