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A Djinn pursues his liberator, whose 3 wishes will release the Djinn from the underworld.
About this show Type: Live Action Movie
Release Year: 1997
Number of Transformation Clips: 1
Number of Scene Clips: 0
Number of Characters: 0
Number of Episodes: 0
Last Updated: 2019-05-08 20:06:54
XyzAbcXyzAbc2019-07-25 19:55:31

Add another transformation from Wishmaster, It's only one, Multiple Various Transformations, Add another one, It's like from, I will tell you, Add number one from RyxRHygjpWs and add number two from vByBjN9-X0k, That will be 3 clips for this in Wishmaster in Shadow Lord Inc, See this clip for that.

XyzAbcXyzAbc2019-07-25 19:55:59

Create Wishmaster 3 and Wishmaster 4 in Shadow Lord inc.