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Dragoniade2018-04-30 22:00:53

Happy May. Hope it isn't too cold or grey where you are.

It has been some time since the last big update, with a intermission update 3 months ago. Got to say, I've been very busy. That update feature a clean up of the Dragon Ball clips. That mean a LOT of episode to go through to refresh the older clips. Most were in HS (Half screen) format typical from VHS source. And Blu-ray conversions are very time consuming to get the 1080p format out.
In between, I had work, Furnal Equinox, where I wore my first were-bear costume (details on this journal . Now, if only I could get my hand on a good, realistic, dragon suit maker!. After that, was a trip to Florida, where my laptop broke and I was unable to get some progress done on this update. Thanks Crucial for failing my not even 1 year after buying your SSD.

But back to work after the vacation and time to finish that update. I added a few filler to it. Personal favorites are of course the latest Bunnicula and of course, due to my were bear costume, the were bear transformation from The Guardians.

Support are always appreciate. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.

As for this update:
4.77 GB of clips;
35 shows updated or added;
215 Transformation clips;
107 Scene clips

Until next time

Dragoniade2018-01-31 21:51:58

Here is a quick before Winter break update. Only 2 shows since it has been only 1 months and since I've been working on a bigger update in parallel. But I wanted to get Bunnicula released ASAP.

Special thanks to a person who made a generous donation and wishes to remain anonymous. That kind of support is really appreciated and is what keep me going. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.

As for this short update, it features:
904 MB of clips;
2 shows updated or added;
60 Transformation clips;
14 Scene clips

  • Ben 10 (2016) Another reboot of Ben 10. Got some neat transformation and scalies too.
  • Bunnicula Second season so far. For a series based on a kid show, this one really hit the nail on transformations and pop culture references (it's over 9000!) . A must to watch: the dinosaurs transformations episode and clips.

Until next time

Dragoniade2017-12-30 01:00:00

Merry late Christmas and Happy Early New Year.

Here is the delayed December update. I had a last minute call from the hospital announcing me there was a cancellation and a spot for a carpal tunnel surgery. So I had my second surgery on Monday December 18th. So this is a 1.5 hand for most of the update.

This update is a bit post Halloween. All the Ghostbusters are included, as I just finished gathering a resampling of the animated series. A few new shows and movies are also present.

This update also feature a major change. My current video player, JW Player, decided to go from free to use to a membership format without proper warning (if your commercial email end up in the GMail spam mailbox, your service is badly configured). Since the change were to be enforced on January 1st, I had to pick another player rapidly.
With Google Analytic reporting that the majority of the viewer were using modern systems or browser, and since most solution offering support for all platforms are now paid solutions (Flow Player for instance), I decided to go with video.JS for HTML5 with Flash fallback.

I tested it on Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+ and Firefox and it seemed to be worked fine. I like video.JS because of some of the add-on that were supported, such as Flash fallback and slow motion speed. The only thing I need to work on is to find a way to remember which quality was previously used. By default, it fallback to low resolution, but it can be changed, when available, to HD by choosing a different resolution.

If you're experiencing issues and you're not using a no longer supported OS or browser (Windows XP or Internet Explorer 6 for example), let me know by using the contact form or one of the supported instant messenger mentioned in the same page. Or if you're reading this from one of the external site, you can use their Note system.

With 2017 ending, I would like to thanks the five persons who donated. Those who accepted got their name added to the Supporters page. And since the Holiday Season isn't over yet, if you want to offer your support, here is my Wish List:

  • Fan art support (Dragoniade or Dragoniade/Philippe transformations)
  • Anything from my Amazon Wishlist
  • Cash Donation (bottom of page)
  • Video material donation (Blu-Ray, DVD, iTunes vouchers, tapes, etc)
  • Moral Support

But back to the update. This update features:
4,84 GB of clips;
19 shows updated or added;
302 Transformation clips;
86 Scene clips

  • Animaniacs Resampling and new clips of this wacky show. Fingerprints!
  • Batman Vs. Two-Face A retro take at Batman, and sadly what became a posthumously homage to late Batman Adam West. Monstrous transformations present in that movie.
  • Beauty And The Beast (2017) One more animation turned live action from Disney. Glowing and poof transformations.
  • Big Fish & Begonia Dolphin transformations. There are so few cetacean transformations.
  • Despicable Me 3 Third movie of the series, featuring an inflation. Could have used more, considering it's themed on the 80'.
  • Elena of Avalor A new Disney spin-off show with a Latin American thematic. A few transformations, but typical Disney, not very detailed. Still, gecko!
  • Extreme Ghostbusters A continuity of the Real Ghostbusters in the "Extreme" era. Hopefully, they will release all the DVD one day.
  • Ghostbusters True HD resampling of the clip.
  • Ghostbusters (2016) A reboot who should have never happened. Who are you gonna call? Not them! One growth clip and they couldn't event beat the original transformation!
  • Ghostbusters (Filmations) A show born of a discord between 2 studios. A typical Filmation show with some transformations. New clips and resampling of old ones.
  • Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius A Dexter clone made into a movie. Shrinking transformations.
  • My Pet Dinosaur Kids try to save a dinosaur from the Military. Dinosaur Phones Home. But Magnus is really great looking, plus growth transformations!
  • Real Ghostbusters, The The series that gave a second life to the movie. Mature, yet funny and good for all ages... until they ruined it. Plenty of monsters and creatures transformations. Resampled old files and added a bunch of new ones.
  • Sharktopus Vs Whalewolf Finally some orca related transformation. Sadly, it's part of the Syfy cheap CGI movie, though the Akhlut is not too bad.
  • Slimer! And the Real Ghostbusters The downfall of the Real Ghostbusters. Slimer and the bad executives! Inflation transformations.
  • Steven Universe Gem alien protecting earth. A new take on a classic theme. Bunch of transformations since they can shapeshift.
  • Tom and Jerry Golden Collection The first occurrence of the Cat and the Mouse. I especially remember the muscle inflation transformation from when I was a kid.
  • Valerian City Of A 1000 Planets Transformation by alien goo. I know this will please all the latex transformation fans.
  • Warrior's Gate, The Poof Lizard and progressive growth transformation. Why wasn't there any dragon magic powder???

Until next time

Dragoniade2017-10-31 21:29:36

Happy Halloween, wherever you are.

And what would be Halloween without some transformation (and hopefully, something else than werewolves!). So this update is more transformation centered than taking the scenic route as with the previous update.
And the traditional public message: moral support (comments, chats, feedback) or fan support (Dragoniade or Dragoniade's transformation fan arts, transformation media materials such as DVD, iTunes vouchers or tapes for the site, etc) are always welcome.

This update features:
3,16 GB of clips;
23 shows updated or added;
184 Transformation clips;
38 Scene clips

Until next time

Dragoniade2017-08-21 21:25:51

And summer is nearly over... Where did it go with all that work work and more work. Including some for this update.

Bunch of resampling and upload from past series that were partially uploaded. And of course, new content. I got to keep uploading the old stuff, resampling them, and add new content as they keep showing up!
After that, time to prepare the post hunting update!
And as usual, moral support (comments, chats, feedback) or fan support (Dragoniade or Dragoniade's transformation fan arts, transformation media materials such as DVD, iTunes vouchers or tapes for the site, etc) are always welcome.

This update features:
5,38 GB of clips;
27 shows updated or added;
151 Transformation clips;
200 Scene clips

  • 7D, The Disney sure have money to waste to make this... things. At least, some poof transformations and dragons.
  • Axe Cop Kid writing stories for adult. Well, not so different that some stories that feel written by kids. Some weird context transformations.
  • Bande des Minijusticiers A French kids show about kids who use weird superpower to... bully the bullies? With a bunch of macro muscle growth.
  • Baoh Raihousha
  • Cambell Dog to bear for a grizzly appetite.
  • Castlevania Netflix's Castlevania with the potential transformation. Hopefully, we'll get to see more transformations in season 2. Come on Alucard. Show us your transformations!
  • Descendants 2 A dreadful singing sequel. With more dragon transformation, typically Disney poofed.
  • Doritos Chicken transformation for those who can't handle the spice.
  • Energizer Transformations in advertisements are always welcome. Dinosaur size growth in that case. I want those specific batteries!
  • Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer The F4 movies sure fail where other Marvel movies rise. Powers shifting transformations.
  • Future-Worm! It's to wonder where that show came from. Still, weirdness normally keep transformations close by.
  • Godzilla (1998) True HD resampling to sync with the animated series update.
  • Godzilla the Series SD resampling, new clips and plenty of nifty giant Lizard with tail shots!
  • Grimm Latest clips from the series finale.
  • Masters of the Universe The campy He-Man live action movie with armor change.
  • Mech-X4 Kids, dumb adults, typical Disney sitcom... with giant robots and monsters!
  • Men in Black (Series) SD resampling and new clips.
  • Men in Black True HD resampling.
  • Men in Black True HD resampling.
  • Mike Tyson Mysteries New clips from the last season.
  • Monsuno Another monster summoning fight show from toys. With mandatory transformation.
  • Horrid Henry: The Movie Bad cgi for a bad movie. The animated transformations were better.
  • Night Watch HD resampling.
  • Once Upon A Time Latest clips from the last season until the series soft reboot.
  • Royal Canadian Mint No transformation but an orca scene for the orca lovers. Someone get me that coin. :)
  • Supernoobs Last clips from the series finale.
  • Tokyo Grand Guignol An 'anatomically correct' mature transformation that isn't hentai or porn. Quite rare. Too bad it belong to the man-dog rather than a true were-dog. What An American Werewolf in London could have been without the Ken Doll. (Of course, you must be loged and have mature content enable to see it.)

Until next time

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