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Dragoniade2022-09-09 15:15:43

September's update.

I got to get ready for hunting season, so the update is earlier.
It's also somehow Disney themed, as I had to get those out of the pipeline.
Though with the lowering quality of Disney's content lately, it's a bit disappointing. Two Disney+ movies that were bad or sub-par. I guess Disney has become an Anime shop: Pumping quantity over quality, with sometime a gem in the rough.
To tell the better transformations are from Non-Disney's media.

I'm also pondering taking 2023 as a break year and go on Hiatus in order to get things done.
Between the "Hire someone", to the "I'll help, but I got no time" and the Jiminy Cricket sound, I'm more likely take the year to do the site redesign, without stressing about pushing an update that don't generate feedback or discussion other than "I can get them on You tube".
Especially with all the extra effort I've put in 2022 and the net result being inferior to the past years. I still got 3 month to make my decision.

In any case, until next update. Support: Supporters page and Contact

1.64 GB of clips;
17 shows updated or added;
99 Transformation clips;
9 Scene clips

Until next time

Dragoniade2022-08-11 17:58:12

August update is here.
Enjoy P.S.
Any transformation fan who is also a web designer doing basic reactive CSS and want to help?
Or an artist wanting to do fanarts for the site in support? If so, looks below for contacts.

Support: Supporters page and Contact

4.24 GB of clips;
15 shows updated or added;
227 Transformation clips;
67 Scene clips

Until next time

Dragoniade2022-07-09 20:14:28

July's update.

Support: Supporters page and Contact

1.43 GB of clips;
19 shows updated or added;
71 Transformation clips;
16 Scene clips

Fixed Show:

Until next time

Dragoniade2022-06-22 05:26:41

Where is everyone? I've been updating monthly this year, and it feel there is less activity and feedback.
But that's not what the new bandwidth report (and bill) tells me. Where did everyone go?

Maybe I need a break off the community. It seem the more I work, the less I get feedback or real help...
Anyway, here are some dragons (and mutilated dragons) and other TF content.
*canned ignored support line: Supporters page and Contact

3.23 GB of clips;
16 shows updated or added;
111 Transformation clips;
72 Scene clips

Until next time

Dragoniade2022-05-14 18:56:09

This is May update.
Not a lot of new shows, but just the Teen Titans resampling, with nearly 400 clips, took as much time as two updates by itself.

*canned ignored support line: Supporters page Contacts

6.09 GB of clips;
6 shows updated or added;
392 Transformation clips;
34 Scene clips


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