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Dragoniade2022-07-09 20:14:28

July's update.

Support: Supporters page and Contact

1.43 GB of clips;
19 shows updated or added;
71 Transformation clips;
16 Scene clips

Fixed Show:

Until next time

Dragoniade2022-06-22 05:26:41

Where is everyone? I've been updating monthly this year, and it feel there is less activity and feedback.
But that's not what the new bandwidth report (and bill) tells me. Where did everyone go?

Maybe I need a break off the community. It seem the more I work, the less I get feedback or real help...
Anyway, here are some dragons (and mutilated dragons) and other TF content.
*canned ignored support line: Supporters page and Contact

3.23 GB of clips;
16 shows updated or added;
111 Transformation clips;
72 Scene clips

Until next time

Dragoniade2022-05-14 18:56:09

This is May update.
Not a lot of new shows, but just the Teen Titans resampling, with nearly 400 clips, took as much time as two updates by itself.

*canned ignored support line: Supporters page Contacts

6.09 GB of clips;
6 shows updated or added;
392 Transformation clips;
34 Scene clips


Dragoniade2022-04-10 20:28:48

Hello. Here's April update.
Supporters page Contacts

3.97 GB of clips;
16 shows updated or added;
176 Transformation clips;
67 Scene clips

Until next time

Dragoniade2022-03-04 20:51:00

pie chart Hello Everyone.
Yes, it's another upgrade. I've been very busy in the past weeks with the site, maybe too much for my own sanity. Even had to split the update in two.
But i did some change on the site itself. First I've updated the video player's to the latest version. But in the past weeks, I've been experimenting with Amazon Web Services and with them now offering a monthly free tier of 1 TB for Cloudfront, I've decided to set up a distribution point on it. With this update, while the preview remain on this server (thanks again Kyreeth), the full video will be feed from AWS. I'll let this run for 3 months, to assert performances and any hidden fees, before deciding if this become permanent or not.

After that, I'll need to try to get some time to work on layout. I need to change it to get it more mobile friendly and responsive. After all, over half of the users are now using mobile devices:
If anyone want to help design and code it, let me know, as help would be appreciated.
Heck, at this point, any help or surprise would definitely appreciate, if only for the morale support.

*canned paragraph about support*
And as usual, support are always appreciate. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.
I'm also looking for: Facerig compatible rigged 2D or 3D model of Dragoniade, or any Dragoniade's fan materials, transformative or not.
And feel free to drop by on Telegram or Discord for a chat. I don't bite... much.

2.2 GB of clips;
20 shows updated or added;
202 Transformation clips;
55 Scene clips

Until next time

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