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Early summer update2019-05-29 20:52:12

Hello Everyone.
A quick update before summer start, even though the weather here isn't looking good.
So, something quick before I take a break and work on a bigger update through the summer.

And as usual, support are always appreciate. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.

Now for this update: 1.92 GB of clips; 11 shows updated or added; 84 Transformation clips; 10 Scene clips

  • Alpha Wolf More wolfman (where are the great feral werewolves transformations??) and a were-human/dog?
  • Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pure fan service. Mature TMNT (not that RTMNT crap) and some nice TF. T-Rex tail... murrrr
  • Horrid Henry Transformations from seasons 2, 4 and 5.
  • Rick and Morty Resampled Season 1 & 2 and added season 3.
  • Stolen Princess: Ruslan And Ludmila Finally, some real dragons, not those horrible wyverns! Sadly, the transformation is poofed. At least we get to have a REAL dragon.
  • Throne Of Elves A sequel to Dragon Nest with much less transformations.
  • Wee Dragons Laughable at how BAD this movie is. And the transformation isn't any better.
  • WolfCop A werewolf movie that doesn't take itself seriously. Canadian Werewolf in Canada. Gruesome transformation though.
  • Another WolfCop More silly non serious werewolf/ wolfman movie.
  • Xanadu 80's flick with hand drawn transformations.
Resampled content:

Until next time

Dragoniade2019-05-08 22:17:22

Hello Everyone.
The weather is warming up. The grass is getting greener. Wildlife are playing leapfrog... And it's time for a spring update.
Plenty of work on my end. Juggling trying to find time between work, rest, personal time (I haven't gamed in month *pouts*), site work, and resting time.

You'll find something special from me on this update. Something I made after someone contacted me online. That person ended up contacting WhiteflameK to do the audio work.
Maybe one day I'll be able to do something similar with a dragon, if I ever find someone good to do the crafting.

Now for this update: 3.45 GB of clips; 30 shows updated or added; 186 Transformation clips; 27 Scene clips

  • Dragoniade Yep. I made a video. Thanks to WhiteflameK for the V+SFX and Oxide Cruz for
  • Bal Ganesh 3 Indian transformations movie with a very bad dubbing. Medium transformation though.
  • Horrid Henry Season 3 and 4. More tyrannic Rex transformations! Big Tailed T-Rex Transformation (say that 10 times in a row, I dare you)
  • Haunted Sea, The Komodo dragon transformation with low budget puppetry.
  • Justice League Vs The Fatal Five Chameleon Boy in this latest D2V DC movie.
  • Kid Who Would Be King, The Poof owl and amphiptere (no, that is NOT a dragon) transformations. Wasted potential, as a good transformation could introduce a good villain if you can't use it for good.
  • Legend Of Mor'du, The Bear transformation in this animated short from Brave.
  • Love, Death & Robots Transformations, lizard monster, and a mature rendering. Great series. You may need to enable mature content for some of the clips due to Nudity. Because mature transformation doesn't need to be porn in order to be good.
  • Macallan, The An commercial targeted to adult, with transformation. That is rare. Wings transformation, but too bad he didn't went full avian.
  • Majimoji Rurumo Your personal wish granting witch... at the cost of your life. With cursed bathhouse as a bonus.
  • Mermaid Lake Of The Dead, The When studios doesn't know their mytho... Those aren't mermaids, but Rusalka. Thank you Quest for Glory 4!
  • Monster Dog Man into werewolf. Nuff said.
  • Monster Family The traditional costume transformation, with the monster squad family. Too bad it's poofed.
  • Order, The Werewolf transformations and dark magic.
  • Polar Bear King, The More bear transformation. From the icy cold this one comes from.
  • Ralph Breaks The Internet A good sequel, with finally some transformation, though not the most mainstream.
  • Selkie Selkie (seals) transformations. Not a lot of those around.
  • Sheep & Wolves Wolf into big horned ram. Traditional far east CGI animated movie, with a low budget dubbing.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power A reboot that wouldn't have been too bad if it wasn't for the agenda that plague the show. Sorry, but Steven Universe did a way better job.
  • Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse This is the marvel we like: Bold and innovative.
  • Spirited Away Resampling to MP4. A bit of a classic, though the transformations could have been more detailed.
  • Steven Universe 2 new clips until the next and probably last season.
  • Supernoobs Transformations from the final season maybe? Kevin shapeshifting, monsters and orca.
  • Wild Kratts Transformations from the latest season.
  • Young Justice New transformation from half of the new season. Go Beast Boy!
Resampled content:

And as usual, support are always appreciate. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.

Until next time

Dragoniade2019-02-20 20:30:47

Hello everyone,
Here is another update. Sorry for the late update. After the lack of news following my birthday right after the last update, I got weighted down with extra time at work, short night, family time and booked week-end which left me with few spare time to work on the update.
Sorry for that.

Thanks for the 300 persons who responded on my survey. I'll be compiling the responses and give the results on the next update.

I'll also be at Furnal Equinox next month. If you're attending, feel free to say hi.

Now for this update: 5.04 GB of clips; 16 shows updated or added; 269 Transformation clips; 140 Scene clips

Resampled content:

And as usual, support are always appreciate. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.

Until next time

Dragoniade2018-10-31 21:33:22

Happy Halloween,
For the occasion, I rushed a quick Halloween themed update. Since it is quite close to the previous update, there isn't a lot.

If you haven't already, don't forget to fill the survey about the site. Thanks for the 65 responses so far.


And since it's my birthday in less than 2 weeks (November 12th), I've added a little something for me.

Until next time

Dragoniade2018-10-24 23:39:15

Hello Everyone,
Halloween is approaching, and it's time for an update. This one is a big one.

Hunting wasn't good this year. Bad weather, mixed with snow, rain and strong wind, made it we were unsuccessful. To top that, we had mechanical issues that forced us to extend our stay a bit.
This game me extra time to work and add on this update, which include both some site changes and new clips.

First, some change were made to the site to comply with Google's services.
Because Google doesn't like placeholder, I was getting warning for show with mature content that would end up empty.
From now on, mature content will always be part of all results. If you did not enable mature content, you'll get a "restricted" thumbs and a warning message telling you must be logged in in order to view that content.
Also, after someone mentioned that the 90 was a years full of transformations cartoon, I added the field 'Release Year' to every show and movie. 75% of the shows has already been labeled. The rest will come in the future.

More about the site, I'm starting to really dislike the current layout. It hasn't really changed since 2008. That's 10 years old! A few of the Web 2.0 implemented are not being used at all.
With the depart of Stonegate, the comics and book section are not getting contents, as I have no time, nor the content to populate it. The old Stonegate color's scheme is out of date and sometime hard to read. The layout is not really compatible with the new responsive layout required by all mobile devices and PC.

So, I decided to try to find some time to rework the layout. The main problem is I'm more a back-end programmer than a layout one. So if you have any knowledge in responsive layout, or know a fan that is, and are interested in helping, contact me.
I've also made a small survey regarding the site. If you can, please take the time to fill it. The feedback would be appreciated in order to guide me into a better design.

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