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Dragoniade2014-03-25 21:48:36

5 months since the last update. Been a long rush since last time, but it's finally there. Before I would like to mention something that may interest the transformation fans.
Cheasy Dino has been organizing podcast, named 'Changing Time' with various members of the transformation community, including people like Catmonk Shiro, RaptonX and me. I recommend you have a look, or an hearing.
His podcasts are linked on his Fur Affinity gallery (only on FA sadly for the moment) at this url:
Changing Time
My episode is number 3 if you are interested. And if you share my interest, episode 1 to 6 should be of interest. Episode 7, in my taste, could be skipped because I don't feel the main speaker has anything to do with Transformation...

Which also bring me to clarify something. During the making of my episode, it has been brought in that some people were complaining because my video were of low resolution.
To explain how the site work, as I mentioned in the past, the video you see when you access a clip is a PREVIEW video, 320x240 in resolution maximum.
The resolution of the actual file is actually displayed in the information section bellow. Most recent clips are in HD (1280x720) while the not so recent are normally in full SD, so 640x480. Only the very old tapes from Stonegate are still at 320x240 until I can get my claws on a better copy.
So, where are those file? If you're logged, the link to download those is below the video itself. The one named "Download the full clip". If you're not logged in, you'll see a message to log in in order to download the file.
In the future, I will add an option to switch between the low resolution and SD/HD content when available. Also, quota has been disabled for year. There's no limit to download. All that I ask is that you don't repost the video on other video sites such as You Tube. Like this guy who keep reposting on You Tube.. Shame on him!

On another subject, can anyone recommend me a good Transformation animation artists? I've been seeing a few headshot transformation avatar, and I would be interested in a smooth one, medium resolution, to use as an opening sequence to the clips. Kind of like what GeltyDrake did with his 'Grow with Gelty' opening.
If anyone is interested or know someone who would fit the profile, I would be interested in commissioning such a head / upper body dragon transformation.

And now, back to this update. The summary this time are:

  • 24 Shows;
  • 357 files which:
  • 252 fall into transformation clips;
  • 105 fall into scene clips;
  • 5.56 Gigabytes in total.

And the actual shows:
  • All Star Superman Superman is dying... again. Still, some TF and some reptilian scenes.
  • American Dragon: Jake Long Fixed the broken preview. Full resolution files were ok.
  • Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes The last files from the show, before it got corrupted by Disney.
  • Batman The Brave and the Bold Updated some clips to HD.
  • Battledogs Cheap Asylum's movie with bad effect, bad plot and bad transformations (lets not forget tailless 'werewolf').
  •  A monster transformation / posession. Old stuff.
  • Being Human (America)  Latest werewolves clips from ending series Being Human.
  • Bitten Yet another werewolves series. At least, those are big full wolves and not walking apes. Still, with a long sex scene in nearly every episodes, it's to wonder if they had to compensate for something...
  • Black Sheep  Uploaded the HD version of the video.
  • Camp Lakebottom Were-chicken. A rare TF :)
  • Dexter's Laboratory A classic in cartoon. Lots of neat transformations.
  • Face Off The latest transformation from the past season and a remake of season one. Plenty of nice makeup transformations and a few dragons too :)
  • Grimm More Wessen morphs form the Grimm. Surprise, they actually made more than just face this time. Thanks for the scorpion tail for a manticore. Still wish they would have some dragon tail!/li>
  • Fury of the Wolfman, The Another old movie with old ape werewolf transformations.
  • Heavy Metal FAKK 2 Not much in term of TF, but really nice lizard peoples.
  • Incredible Hulk (Live) The shows that introduced many to 'David' Banner and the hulk, the green muscle giant.
  • Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur Weight gain and Dinosaurs. Yay for the latest!
  • Scooby-Doo and the Samurai Sword Weight gain and dragon.
  • She-Creature A mermaid who turns into a monster. The Little Mermaid backward.
  • Storm Hawks Flyers and various TF. Another show canned with the premise of a continuation. Still haven't forgotten them for giving Dragon Booster the same fate for this. Some nice reptilian scenes though.
  • Teen Wolf Why calling a boy with some facial hair and claws a werewolf? That's beyond me...Still, they had some reptilian monster with more scales than hairs.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Well, the series has slowly been taking a better curve. Sometime too light, but also a bit darker. Wish they would put more effort on their mutations though. But still... LEATHERHEAD :)
  • Tom & Jerry The Wizard of Oz Some random TF and some poof too. Nice dino though.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man More clips from the latest episodes, including a few from the Lizard. Please someone get Disney out of there!
  • Wolfman, The Some nice flesh TF. Too bad it's restricted to hand and feet. Body shot don't get any love.

Until next update!

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