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Dragoniade2009-11-23 20:54:30

Here's the conclusion of the last update with the upload of the clips from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. This update also introduce a new format for the site.

From now on, all clips will be uploaded in either 2 formats. The classic AVI with a MPEG-4 Part 2 video Codec / MP3 Audio Codec and the new MP4 with a MPEG-4 Part 10 / Advanced Audio Codec (AAC). If you're having difficulties playing this new format, I suggest you try installing ffdshow-tryout Link and Media Player Classic Home Cinema Link

On the other hand, I have some thoughts about work since last week. I can classify works in two categories: handling and service. Handling are jobs that have someone build or construct something, like a miners collect coal, welders crate structure, artists create drawing, fishers bring fish. In the other hand, you have accountants, lawyers, archivists, librarians, etc, which don't produce good but provide services. The site fits more the service type, while artists fit the product one. But over the time, I've felt the handling one has always looked from above the service one. Especially when, after I asked for birthday presents I've been told no one deserve it, but an artist doing the same thing a week after get a total opposite reply.

And sadly it suck. During last weeks updates, I had to struggle to finish them. The last week-end was a rainy one, so my plan to work outside were ruined. I decided I may as well work on the update. But as I was filling the excel forms, the task was getting more and more excruciating. The routine of pick clip, look for character, paste character, look for category, paste category, get description, open file, get picture, make 3 thumbnails, rinse, repeat was getting too much. I barely was able to finish it.

The task of updating the site is getting boring. When someone draw, that person gets something new each time take the pencil. They even improve (well, most artist anyway) each time they draw something, they learn. But it's the same boring routine each week with the site. A routine that give no satisfaction at all, no reward of any kind, personal or from other. At least, when I'm coding, I get a satisfaction of making something, of solving problems, of learning new things. And I've been having a lot more fun working on the Deviantart download utility Link and the DragoniadeClipUI helping tools Link than the updates themselves.

I've been told by a few friends "if the site gets more a job than an hobby, you should stop". And I've decided just that. I'm taking a break, an hiatus, for the next 2 months. After that, who knows. Since I've just spend 130$ in Fighting Fantasy books for contents, I may as well roll 2 dices and if I roll over 6, update new info. And if I roll over 9, I'll upload the clips along. Ok. More seriously, I'll probably go for a monthly and not fixed update. It seem sites with 'unscheduled' or monthly updates get more notices and feedback. In the meanwhile, I probably will continue coding: finish the search engine, add browser support to it, refine the book section and probably tweak some sections and probably give velocity a try on the site. This is what I've been enjoying more lately. So, tada until January.

Dragoniade2009-11-15 22:08:53

Another weekly update. I added Legion of Super Heroes, Lilo and Stitch and I should be adding Fullmetal Alchemist Broterhood tomorrow.

I've also made some change to the code, pushing the 3.0.15 up. Nothing serious just the basic for 2 future project.

  • An independent download log, so I can get better stats.
  • The core for a transformation map system. This would take a Google map, and put marker on country / city where transformation people are located, with the number of person. Maybe there's more people in your area who are TF fan.

I've also raised the quota for the free accounts and donating accounts. The free account went from 5 files to 50 files and with a bandwidth going from 50 to 500 megs. This should make some people happy.

That's mostly it for the site. Ahead is a rant about it. If you don't want to know about my current thought about the site and the community, you can stop reading. Link to the rant in the forum

Dragoniade2009-11-07 11:16:43

I posted a new message regarding some books I'm looking for the site. Actually, it's for the 'book' section that need to be filled with some content.

More details on the forum thread here.

Dragoniade2009-09-06 21:39:51

10th anniversary

The site is approaching it's 10th anniversary. Yes, it has been 10 years since we've brought transformation clips to the community.

For the occasion, I wrote a list of the historical events that happened through those 10 years. I can be accessed in the new site history section, under, of course, the Site menu. Or here, the site history.

Dragoniade2009-09-02 20:23:12

Ok everyone,

I have asked that the video posted here not be reposted on other video site, like You Tube. For that reason, I watermarked my clips.

I guess the message wasn't clear enough. I just noticed that account: Thief

That person has been posting the latest update in his section. Of course, leecher are defending that person Leechers defender

Is it too much to ask to have a bit of respect to those who contribute content? Why do people have to steal all the work of others and try to cash on it. That person sure didn't go through the work of recording the TV broadcast, capturing it to his PC, trimming the video down, encoding it then put it on a website of his own.

He just took the clip away and lazily uploaded it on You Tube. No mention to the original contributor, nðo link the site. And while I do all the work, leech like him simply get all the positive feedback.

If you notice any transformation video having my watermark, PLEASE, remind the person that this clip was not made by him and he should, at least credit the source and link back to it or otherwise, delete it. If that person is stubborn, then be stubborn back too. It's people like him that bring back the "Is TF dead" once in a while. It's people like him that make people quit. And it's leech like those who defend him that make everyone keep their work for themselves.

It's going to be a 3 days week-end. I was planning to do extra work on the site, but I think I'll just take those day off instead. I'm getting feed up to having constantly defend my work and getting nothing back in return.

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