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Dragoniade2012-10-13 21:48:33

Back from hunting vacation and another 'quick' update. The hunt didn't go too well. Bad weather with heavy rains and strong winds for most of the time. And trolling hunters who went to our second spot before we got there.
It, however, gave me some time to add more content to this update. This time, it's an 4.23GB 442 files, 21 shows.

My favorites of this lot:
Man to dinosaur like Digimon; Batman into a Griffin; A slow and progressive dinosaur regression

Point of interest for the next update.

It's less than one month away from my birthday (November 12th) and I love TF :) Me, myself and I

The update is probably gonna be smaller in order to get it quicker. I'll more likely add some TF from the new TMNT show and any quick request.

Speaking of the new TMNT show...
When I saw the previews, I had the feeling it would be bad. Sadly, I wasn't wrong. While some of the story and 'acting' element look promising, I can't stop thinking how BAD the animation is. Sometime, it look like some 3D stop motion video. It may work with specific movie / show like Wallace and Grommit, but NOT the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
While the humans seem to have gotten some effort, the mutants are horrible. The turtles are blocky in shape and movement, Splinter look like a man wearing a rat mask, thanks to it's stature... Heck, the 1987 and 2003 Splinters were really rat looking, with the size and hunch. The spider mutant looked more like... a 4 fingered hand!
Will they fix it in the future? I hope so, because this series is more likely gonna fall into the trash bin like Fast Forward did.

Dragoniade2012-08-26 21:11:47

Nearly 3 months top since the last update and a lot more files.
410 files, 4,62 gigabytes ... No wonder I felt like it was taking an eternity!
A special mention to the french show Wakfu. It feature a GREAT dragon transformation.

  • Being Human (America) The remake of the UK series. Filmed next door in MontrĂ©al.
  • Dragon Crusaders Another cheap ass production from the Asylum (when will they stop?!)
  • Legend of Tarzan Want to know the difference between anthropomorphism and zoomorphism? Those leopard-men are TRUE anthro, not the furry one!
  • Life and Times of Juniper Lee, The
  • Oum le Dauphin Blanc A classic from my childhood.
  • Phineas and Ferb Were-cow, that's something original :)
  • Spider-Man (1994)You wondered what would be the consequence of Disney bying Marvel? Here it is: censored Spider-Man!
  • Team Galaxy The last 'worthwhile' series from Marathon. I miss their TF prone series...
  • Wakfu A little gem of animation and storyline. The proof again when you want a good animated series, leave the USA and good look elsewhere. AWESOME dragon transformation. Enjoy the frame by frame of it too.
  • Xiaolin Showdown

Other than that, nothing really new.

  • Still pondering doing another contest.
  • Still hoping to get more support or help.
  • New seasons of series are about to start. Grimm and Face Off did, other should follow. So that should add more to the queue of work.
  • Fur Fright is getting closer. If anyone is looking for a room, I got space for one or two in the main hotel. Potty Trained candidate only (What the Fur reference).
  • Wishing people who offer 'support' and wanting to do something supportative would actually mean it and not dissapears after offering it.

Though, there was one thing I've been debating.
The site rely mostly on offline download for the video. Download the video, save it and watch it anytime, anywhere.
There are a very low quality preview to help people decide if they want to download it or not.

  • Is that system fine with everyone?
  • Should I increase the quality of the preview, creating bigger file that are longer to download?
  • Should I get rid of the preview or the download?
Without a stream server, I cannot provide true browsable video like You Tube provide. I can only have a clip that will be fully downloaded and played. That's why I keep the preview file small at the expense of quality.
Would it be worth it to get a stream server running? Considering the time and effort it would require, I probing the terrain before undertaking such project (by myself, again).

Dragoniade2012-05-25 20:42:50

After 5 months, the next update is online.
264 new files uploaded. Enjoy

Sorry for the delay. Sadly, help have been nonexistent so far, and I'm trying to work on updates between works, rest and real life. Added to the fact that I'm working alone is that data crunching can be really BORING. Maybe I should start a stream when I work on an update LOL.

But seriously, that's why update can be slow. When I get too bored, I move to another project. One of which I hope to have ready for the next update.

That project is a search engine for the site. Type dragon and get all content dragon related. Type dragon male and get all dragon TF featuring a male character.

Most of the work is completed, but I still need to do more tests since this added a lot of changes in the core.

I'm also thinking to change the layout... again. The old boxed, Stonegate's black & white theme is starting to get on my back. Adding to the fact that named theme originator is personally OUT of the site for not being available kind of add to the feeling to change it. And the site need a less static interface. Maybe I'll go for a gold and blue theme... NOT :) I know that this colors combination is totally horrible.

Still, once again, I'll have to find time for it, since I don't get the luxury to have other people handle content while I focus 100% on site functionality.

And for last, I think I'll start to upload my commission on the site. There isn't really any online gallery that allow you to freely upload commission with going through an hassle to prove you can. I'll admit, I'm not too pleased with the gallery system, and that's also one thing I need to revamp.

Time will tell what I can get done over time.

Until next update and if you happen to attend What the Fur next week, I'll be there.

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