Older News from 2004

Dragoniade2004-10-02 00:00:00
During a Database maintenance, an error occured, and every account containing the word 'wolf' in it got deleted. To the 130 users affected by that error, simply re-register. Sorry for the inconvenient.
Dragoniade2004-09-10 00:00:00
Since last update, I have been tweaking the database to increase the performance, and lower the strain on the server.
Some of you may have noticed the decrease in loading time when fetching a page and downloading / loggin in. Most of the change has been into the loggin system. As a result, it's now faster. But those change caused some problem with the news subscribers. Some people ended up sharing the same account. I've corrected the problem, and it shouldn't be happening again. But in the process, I had to remove the damaged accounts. If you suddently cannot log anymore and experienced automatic loggin out when trying to download a clip, please re-register with a new account. Sorry for the trouble.
Dragoniade2004-07-21 00:00:00
Following the abuse some people were doing on the poll, I have modified how vote were counted. Now, only registered peoples can vote, since they're the one that will be downloading the winning clips. If you're not logged by the time you vote, the vote button will be greyed until you log in.
The number of time you can vote hasn’t changed though. You can still vote for as many show that you want, only once each.
Dragoniade2004-02-05 00:00:00
We now have a new update policy. From now on, AVI updates will be independant from new contents updates. This mean that we well return into updating the AVIs online every two weeks, and adding new contents as we get the time.

Also, with this update, we've reached our total of 20 shows online. Therefore, Jungle De Ikou was pulled out.

On another matter, I'm officially pulling out support for Internet Explorer. Microsoft latest decision to remove URL authentication with their latest security patch was simply pure stupidity. Why would they remove a widly used feature, know in the specification, is beyond me. The impact is, if you're using Internet Explorer, and have installed the Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer KB832894, then you will get a "Syntax Error" when trying to download one of the AVIs. Here are the 3 workarounds:

- Use another browser, like Mozilla
- Do not install the Security update (Not recommanded)
- Apply this Registry Fix that will disable that annoyance Microsoft decided to impose.

Failling to do one of those will prevent you from downloading any of the clip. Don't blame me, blame Microsoft.

Regarding registration, we used to have some trouble with the email server. I contacted our host, and she fixed it up. I'm dayly monitoring the email server for any failure. If you're attempting to register, and you're not getting any email, check the following:

- Make sure you've not entered an invalid email address.
- Your email provider didn't filter your email. If you have a "Spam Mailbox", check in it.
- Make sure you're validating the account within two (2) days. All pending account are removed if they weren't validated after 2 days.

I'm also opening a IRC chat room. If you have any trouble, try to meet me there. Take notice than I'm not always online. If my nick appear between bracket [Class] [Zzzz], then I'm not availiable. Thanks for Lizardman for providing the IRC server, one of the most reliable IRC server in the community, and not a joke like someone's IRC I won't name.
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