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Superfriends (1978)
Jayna and ZanMultiple (Revert)
Aquaman, Wonder WomanAnimal TF (Various) (Revert)
Superman and Wonder WomanSize: Shrink
Jayna and ZanMultiple:
ElephantSize: Shrink
AquamanAnimal TF: Prehistoric Shark (Revert)
AquamanAnimal TF: Prehistoric Shark
ZanObject TF: Ice Rocket
Wonder Woman, Jayna and Zan2) Creature TF: Monster (Revert)
Wonder Woman1) Creature TF: Monster
Wonder WomanAnimal TF: Rhinoceros
SupermanCreature TF: Vampire
SupermanAge: Progression (Revert)
People2) Animal TF: Bat (Revert)
People1) Animal TF: Bat
MedusaElement Change: Stone
ManAnimal TF: Gorilla
Lizard, Turtle, ScorpionSize: Growth
Lizard, Scorpion, WormsSize: Growth (Revert)
Jayna and ZanMultiple:
Jayna and ZanMultiple:
Jayna and ZanMultiple
Jayna and ZanMultiple:
Jayna and ZanMultiple:
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