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Superfriends (1978)
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The Demons of ExxorEnglish1
2Rokan : Enemy From SpaceEnglish1
3Battle at the Earth's CoreEnglish1
4Sinbad And the Space PiratesEnglish1
5The Pied Piper From SpaceEnglish1
6The Beasts Are ComingEnglish1
7Terror From the Phantom ZoneEnglish1
8Attack of the VampireEnglish1
9The Anti-Matter MonsterEnglish1
10The World Beneath The IceEnglish1
11Invasion Of The Brain CreaturesEnglish1
12The Incredible Space CircusEnglish1
13Batman: Dead Or AliveEnglish1
14Battle Of The GodsEnglish1
15Journey Through Inner SpaceEnglish1
16The Rise And Fall Of The SuperfriendsEnglish1