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Simpsons, The
Homer SimpsonsUndead TF: Zombie
Sideshow BobCreature TF: Chimeric
MenUndead TF: Zombie
The SimpsonsCreature TF: Alien
Montgomery BurnsSize: Growth (Revert)
PumpkinInflation: Air
TreeCreature TF: Treeant
Lisa SimpsonCreature TF: Shinigami
CouchCreature TF: Monster
Groundskeeper WillieMultiple
Ned FlandersCreature TF: Demon
The SimpsonsCreature TF: Monster
Homer Simpsons, Selma & PattyInflation: Weight Gain
Homer SimpsonsCreature TF: Wampa
Homer SimpsonsAnimal TF: Various
RobotInanimate TF: Vehicle (Revert)
Bart, Lisa SimpsonsCreature TF: Demon
Cat, Santa's Little HelperAnimal TF: Merge
CouchesCreature TF: Monster
Kang, KodosAnimal TF: Human
Milhouse Van HoutenAnimal TF: Poodle
Marge SimpsonCreature TF: Drider
Lisa SimpsonAnimal TF: Snail
Teddy BearInflation: Weight Gain
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