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Simpsons, The
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Simpsons Roasting on an Open FireEnglish1
2Bart the GeniusEnglish1
3Homer's OdysseyEnglish1
4There's No Disgrace Like HomeEnglish1
5Bart the GeneralEnglish1
6Moaning LisaEnglish1
7The Call of the SimpsonsEnglish1
8The Telltale HeadEnglish1
9Life on the Fast LaneEnglish1
10Homer's Night OutEnglish1
11The Crepes of WrathEnglish1
12Krusty Gets BustedEnglish1
13Some Enchanted EveningEnglish1
14Bart Gets an "F"English2
15Simpson and DelilahEnglish2
16Treehouse of HorrorEnglish2
17Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every FishEnglish2
18Dancin' HomerEnglish2
19Dead Putting SocietyEnglish2
20Bart vs. ThanksgivingEnglish2
21Bart the DaredevilEnglish2
22Itchy & Scratchy & MargeEnglish2
23Bart Gets Hit by a CarEnglish2
24One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue FishEnglish2
25The Way We WasEnglish2
26Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th CommandmentEnglish2
27Principal CharmingEnglish2
28Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?English2
29Bart's Dog Gets an "F"English2
30Old MoneyEnglish2
31Brush with GreatnessEnglish2
32Lisa's SubstituteEnglish2
33The War of the SimpsonsEnglish2
34Three Men and a Comic BookEnglish2
35Blood FeudEnglish2
36Stark Raving DadEnglish3
37Mr. Lisa Goes to WashingtonEnglish3
38When Flanders FailedEnglish3
39Bart the MurdererEnglish3
40Homer DefinedEnglish3
41Like Father, Like ClownEnglish3
42Treehouse of Horror IIEnglish3
43Lisa's PonyEnglish3
44Saturdays of ThunderEnglish3
45Flaming Moe'sEnglish3
46Burns Verkaufen der KraftwerkEnglish3
47I Married MargeEnglish3
48Radio BartEnglish3
49Lisa the GreekEnglish3
50Homer AloneEnglish3
51Bart the LoverEnglish3
52Homer at the BatEnglish3
53Separate VocationsEnglish3
54Dog of DeathEnglish3
55Colonel HomerEnglish3
56Black WidowerEnglish3
57The Otto ShowEnglish3
58Bart's Friend Falls in LoveEnglish3
59Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?English3
60Kamp KrustyEnglish4
61A Streetcar Named MargeEnglish4
62Homer the HereticEnglish4
63Lisa the Beauty QueenEnglish4
64Treehouse of Horror IIIEnglish4
65Itchy & Scratchy: The MovieEnglish4
66Marge Gets a JobEnglish4
67New Kid on the BlockEnglish4
68Mr. PlowEnglish4
69Lisa's First WordEnglish4
70Homer's Triple BypassEnglish4
71Marge vs. the MonorailEnglish4
72Selma's ChoiceEnglish4
73Brother from the Same PlanetEnglish4
74I Love LisaEnglish4
76Last Exit to SpringfieldEnglish4
77So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip ShowEnglish4
78The FrontEnglish4
79Whacking DayEnglish4
80Marge in ChainsEnglish4
81Krusty Gets KancelledEnglish4
82Homer's Barbershop QuartetEnglish5
83Cape FeareEnglish5
84Homer Goes to CollegeEnglish5
86Treehouse of Horror IVEnglish5
87Marge on the LamEnglish5
88Bart's Inner ChildEnglish5
89Boy-Scoutz 'n the HoodEnglish5
90The Last Temptation of HomerEnglish5
91$pringfield (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)English5
92Homer the VigilanteEnglish5
93Bart Gets FamousEnglish5
94Homer and ApuEnglish5
95Lisa vs. Malibu StacyEnglish5
96Deep Space HomerEnglish5
97Homer Loves FlandersEnglish5
98Bart Gets an ElephantEnglish5
99Burns' HeirEnglish5
100Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss SongEnglish5
101The Boy Who Knew Too MuchEnglish5
102Lady Bouvier's LoverEnglish5
103Secrets of a Successful MarriageEnglish5
104Bart of DarknessEnglish6
105Lisa's RivalEnglish6
106Another Simpsons Clip ShowEnglish6
107Itchy & Scratchy LandEnglish6
108Sideshow Bob RobertsEnglish6
109Treehouse of Horror VEnglish6
110Bart's GirlfriendEnglish6
111Lisa on IceEnglish6
112Homer BadmanEnglish6
113Grampa vs. Sexual InadequacyEnglish6
114Fear of FlyingEnglish6
115Homer the GreatEnglish6
116And Maggie Makes ThreeEnglish6
117Bart's CometEnglish6
118Homie the ClownEnglish6
119Bart vs. AustraliaEnglish6
120Homer vs. Patty and SelmaEnglish6
121A Star Is BurnsEnglish6
122Lisa's WeddingEnglish6
123Two Dozen and One GreyhoundsEnglish6
124The PTA DisbandsEnglish6
125'Round SpringfieldEnglish6
126The Springfield ConnectionEnglish6
127Lemon of TroyEnglish6
128Who Shot Mr. Burns?, Part 1English6
129Who Shot Mr. Burns?, Part 2English7
130Radioactive ManEnglish7
131Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-DoodilyEnglish7
132Bart Sells His SoulEnglish7
133Lisa the VegetarianEnglish7
134Treehouse of Horror VIEnglish7
135King-Size HomerEnglish7
136Mother SimpsonEnglish7
137Sideshow Bob's Last GleamingEnglish7
138The Simpsons 138th Episode SpectacularEnglish7
139Marge Be Not ProudEnglish7
140Team HomerEnglish7
141Two Bad NeighborsEnglish7
142Scenes from the Class Struggle in SpringfieldEnglish7
143Bart the FinkEnglish7
144Lisa the IconoclastEnglish7
145Homer the SmithersEnglish7
146The Day the Violence DiedEnglish7
147A Fish Called SelmaEnglish7
148Bart on the RoadEnglish7
14922 Short Films About SpringfieldEnglish7
150Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"English7
151Much Apu About NothingEnglish7
153Summer of 4 Ft. 2English7
154Treehouse of Horror VIIEnglish8
155You Only Move TwiceEnglish8
156The Homer They FallEnglish8
157Burns, Baby BurnsEnglish8
158Bart After DarkEnglish8
159A Milhouse DividedEnglish8
160Lisa's Date with DensityEnglish8
161Hurricane NeddyEnglish8
162El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)English8
163The Springfield FilesEnglish8
164The Twisted World of Marge SimpsonEnglish8
165Mountain of MadnessEnglish8
166Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)ciousEnglish8
167The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie ShowEnglish8
168Homer's PhobiaEnglish8
169Brother from Another SeriesEnglish8
170My Sister, My SitterEnglish8
171Homer vs. the Eighteenth AmendmentEnglish8
172Grade School ConfidentialEnglish8
173The Canine MutinyEnglish8
174The Old Man and the LisaEnglish8
175In Marge We TrustEnglish8
176Homer's EnemyEnglish8
177The Simpsons Spin-Off ShowcaseEnglish8
178The Secret War of Lisa SimpsonEnglish8
179The City of New York vs. Homer SimpsonEnglish9
180The Principal and the PauperEnglish9
181Lisa's SaxEnglish9
182Treehouse of Horror VIIIEnglish9
183The Cartridge FamilyEnglish9
184Bart StarEnglish9
185The Two Mrs. NahasapeemapetilonsEnglish9
186Lisa the SkepticEnglish9
187Realty BitesEnglish9
188Miracle on Evergreen TerraceEnglish9
189All Singing, All DancingEnglish9
190Bart CarnyEnglish9
191The Joy of SectEnglish9
192Das BusEnglish9
193The Last Temptation of KrustEnglish9
194Dumbbell IndemnityEnglish9
195Lisa the SimpsonEnglish9
196This Little WiggyEnglish9
197Simpson TideEnglish9
198The Trouble with TrillionsEnglish9
199Girly EditionEnglish9
200Trash of the TitansEnglish9
201King of the HillEnglish9
202Lost Our LisaEnglish9
203Natural Born KissersEnglish9
204Lard of the DanceEnglish10
205The Wizard of Evergreen TerraceEnglish10
206Bart the MotherEnglish10
207Treehouse of Horror IXEnglish10
208When You Dish Upon a StarEnglish10
209D'oh-in' in the WindEnglish10
210Lisa Gets an "A"English10
211Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"English10
212Mayored to the MobEnglish10
213Viva Ned FlandersEnglish10
214Wild Barts Can't Be BrokenEnglish10
215Sunday, Cruddy SundayEnglish10
216Homer to the MaxEnglish10
217I'm with CupidEnglish10
218Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"English10
219Make Room for LisaEnglish10
220Maximum HomerdriveEnglish10
221Simpsons Bible StoriesEnglish10
222Mom and Pop ArtEnglish10
223The Old Man and the "C" StudentEnglish10
224Monty Can't Buy Me LoveEnglish10
225They Saved Lisa's BrainEnglish10
226Thirty Minutes over TokyoEnglish10
227Beyond BlunderdomeEnglish11
228Brother's Little HelperEnglish11
229Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner?English11
230Treehouse of Horror XEnglish11
231E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)English11
232Hello Gutter, Hello FadderEnglish11
233Eight Misbehavin'English11
234Take My Wife, SleazeEnglish11
235Grift of the MagiEnglish11
236Little Big MomEnglish11
237Faith OffEnglish11
238The Mansion FamilyEnglish11
239Saddlesore GalacticaEnglish11
240Alone Again, Natura-DiddilyEnglish11
241Missionary: ImpossibleEnglish11
243Bart to the FutureEnglish11
244Days of Wine and D'oh'sesEnglish11
245Kill the Alligator and RunEnglish11
246Last Tap Dance in SpringfieldEnglish11
247It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad MargeEnglish11
248Behind the LaughterEnglish11
249Treehouse of Horror XIEnglish12
250A Tale of Two SpringfieldsEnglish12
251Insane Clown PoppyEnglish12
252Lisa the Tree HuggerEnglish12
253Homer vs. DignityEnglish12
254The Computer Wore Menace ShoesEnglish12
255The Great Money CaperEnglish12
256Skinner's Sense of SnowEnglish12
258Pokey MomEnglish12
259Worst Episode EverEnglish12
260Tennis the MenaceEnglish12
261Day of the JackanapesEnglish12
262New Kids on the BlecchEnglish12
263Hungry, Hungry HomerEnglish12
264Bye Bye NerdieEnglish12
265Simpson SafariEnglish12
266Trilogy of ErrorEnglish12
267I'm Goin' to PraiselandEnglish12
268Children of a Lesser ClodEnglish12
269Simpsons Tall TalesEnglish12
270Treehouse of Horror XIIEnglish13
271The Parent RapEnglish13
272Homer the MoeEnglish13
273A Hunka Hunka Burns in LoveEnglish13
274The Blunder YearsEnglish13
275She of Little FaithEnglish13
276Brawl in the FamilyEnglish13
277Sweets and Sour MargeEnglish13
278Jaws Wired ShutEnglish13
279Half-Decent ProposalEnglish13
280The Bart Wants What It WantsEnglish13
281The Lastest Gun in the WestEnglish13
282The Old Man and the KeyEnglish13
283Tales from the Public DomainEnglish13
284Blame It on LisaEnglish13
285Weekend at Burnsie'sEnglish13
286Gump RoastEnglish13
287I Am Furious (Yellow)English13
288The Sweetest ApuEnglish13
289Little Girl in the Big TenEnglish13
290The Frying GameEnglish13
291Poppa's Got a Brand New BadgeEnglish13
292Treehouse of Horror XIIIEnglish14
293How I Spent My Strummer VacationEnglish14
294Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third GradeEnglish14
295Large MargeEnglish14
296Helter ShelterEnglish14
297The Great Louse DetectiveEnglish14
298Special EdnaEnglish14
299The Dad Who Knew Too LittleEnglish14
300The Strong Arms of the MaEnglish14
301Pray AnythingEnglish14
302Barting OverEnglish14
303I'm Spelling as Fast as I CanEnglish14
304A Star Is Born AgainEnglish14
305Mr. Spritz Goes to WashingtonEnglish14
307'Scuse Me While I Miss the SkyEnglish14
308Three Gays of the CondoEnglish14
309Dude, Where's My Ranch?English14
310Old Yeller-BellyEnglish14
311Brake My Wife, PleaseEnglish14
312The Bart of WarEnglish14
313Moe Baby BluesEnglish14
314Treehouse of Horror XIVEnglish15
315My Mother the CarjackerEnglish15
316The President Wore PearlsEnglish15
317The Regina MonologuesEnglish15
318The Fat and the FurriestEnglish15
319Today I Am a ClownEnglish15
320'Tis the Fifteenth SeasonEnglish15
321Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and GaysEnglish15
322I, (Annoyed Grunt)-botEnglish15
323Diatribe of a Mad HousewifeEnglish15
324Margical History TourEnglish15
325Milhouse Doesn't Live Here AnymoreEnglish15
326Smart & SmarterEnglish15
327The Ziff Who Came to DinnerEnglish15
328Co-Dependents' DayEnglish15
329The Wandering JuvieEnglish15
330My Big Fat Geek WeddingEnglish15
331Catch 'Em If You CanEnglish15
332Simple SimpsonEnglish15
333The Way We Weren'tEnglish15
334Bart-Mangled BannerEnglish15
335Fraudcast NewsEnglish15
336Treehouse of Horror XVEnglish16
337All's Fair in Oven WarEnglish16
338Sleeping with the EnemyEnglish16
339She Used to Be My GirlEnglish16
340Fat Man and Little BoyEnglish16
341Midnight RxEnglish16
342Mommie BeerestEnglish16
343Homer and Ned's Hail Mary PassEnglish16
344Pranksta RapEnglish16
345There's Something About MarryingEnglish16
346On a Clear Day I Can't See My SisterEnglish16
347Goo Goo Gai PanEnglish16
348Mobile HomerEnglish16
349The Seven-Beer SnitchEnglish16
351Don't Fear the RooferEnglish16
352The Heartbroke KidEnglish16
353A Star Is TornEnglish16
354Thank God It's DoomsdayEnglish16
355Home Away from HomerEnglish16
356The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest StarEnglish16
357The Bonfire of the ManateesEnglish17
358The Girl Who Slept Too LittleEnglish17
359Milhouse of Sand and FogEnglish17
360Treehouse of Horror XVIEnglish17
361Marge's Son PoisoningEnglish17
362See Homer RunEnglish17
363The Last of the Red Hat MamasEnglish17
364The Italian BobEnglish17
365Simpsons Christmas StoriesEnglish17
366Homer's Paternity CootEnglish17
367We're on the Road to D'ohwhereEnglish17
368My Fair LaddyEnglish17
369The Seemingly Never-Ending StoryEnglish17
370Bart Has Two MommiesEnglish17
371Homer Simpson, This Is Your WifeEnglish17
372Million-Dollar AbieEnglish17
373Kiss Kiss, Bang BangaloreEnglish17
374The Wettest Stories Ever ToldEnglish17
375Girls Just Want to Have SumsEnglish17
376Regarding MargieEnglish17
377The Monkey SuitEnglish17
378Marge and Homer Turn a Couple PlayEnglish17
379The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her HomerEnglish18
380Jazzy and the PussycatsEnglish18
381Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'EmEnglish18
382Treehouse of Horror XVIIEnglish18
383G.I. (Annoyed Grunt)English18
384Moe'N'a LisaEnglish18
385Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair)English18
386The Haw-Hawed CoupleEnglish18
387Kill Gil, Volumes I & IIEnglish18
388The Wife AquaticEnglish18
389Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three TimesEnglish18
390Little Big GirlEnglish18
391Springfield UpEnglish18
392Yokel ChordsEnglish18
393Rome-Old and Juli-EhEnglish18
395Marge GamerEnglish18
396The Boys of BummerEnglish18
397Crook and LadderEnglish18
398Stop! Or My Dog Will ShootEnglish18
39924 MinutesEnglish18
400You Kent Always Say What You WantEnglish18
401He Loves to Fly and He D'ohsEnglish19
402The Homer of SevilleEnglish19
403Midnight TowboyEnglish19
404I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird SingsEnglish19
405Treehouse of Horror XVIIIEnglish19
406Little Orphan MillieEnglish19
407Husbands and KnivesEnglish19
408Funeral for a FiendEnglish19
409Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson MindEnglish19
410E Pluribus WiggumEnglish19
411That '90s ShowEnglish19
412Love, Springfieldian StyleEnglish19
413The DebartedEnglish19
414Dial 'N' for NerderEnglish19
415Smoke on the DaughterEnglish19
416Papa Don't LeechEnglish19
417Apocalypse CowEnglish19
418Any Given SundanceEnglish19
419Mona Leaves-aEnglish19
420All About LisaEnglish19
421Sex, Pies and Idiot ScrapesEnglish20
422Lost VerizonEnglish20
423Double, Double, Boy in TroubleEnglish20
424Treehouse of Horror XIXEnglish20
425Dangerous CurvesEnglish20
426Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross WordsEnglish20
427MyPods and BoomsticksEnglish20
428The Burns and the BeesEnglish20
429Lisa the Drama QueenEnglish20
430Take My Life, PleaseEnglish20
431How the Test Was WonEnglish20
432No Loan Again, NaturallyEnglish20
433Gone Maggie GoneEnglish20
434In the Name of the GrandfatherEnglish20
435Wedding for DisasterEnglish20
436Eeny Teeny Maya MoeEnglish20
437The Good, the Sad and the DruglyEnglish20
438Father Knows WorstEnglish20
439Waverly Hills, 9-0-2-1-D'ohEnglish20
440Four Great Women and a ManicureEnglish20
441Coming to HomericaEnglish20
442Homer the WhopperEnglish21
443Bart Gets a 'Z'English21
444The Great Wife HopeEnglish21
445Treehouse of Horror XXEnglish21
446The Devil Wears NadaEnglish21
447Pranks and GreensEnglish21
448Rednecks and BroomsticksEnglish21
449O Brother, Where Bart Thou?English21
450Thursdays with AbieEnglish21
451Once Upon a Time in SpringfieldEnglish21
452Million Dollar MaybeEnglish21
453Boy Meets CurlEnglish21
454The Color YellowEnglish21
455Postcards from the WedgeEnglish21
456Stealing First BaseEnglish21
457The Greatest Story Ever D'ohedEnglish21
458American History X-cellentEnglish21
459Chief of HeartsEnglish21
460The Squirt and the WhaleEnglish21
461To Surveil with LoveEnglish21
462Moe Letter BluesEnglish21
463The Bob Next DoorEnglish21
464Judge Me TenderEnglish21
465Elementary School MusicalEnglish22
466Loan-a LisaEnglish22
468Treehouse of Horror XXIEnglish22
469Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your LifeEnglish22
470The Fool MontyEnglish22
471How Munched is That Birdie in the Window?English22
472The Fight Before ChristmasEnglish22
473Donnie FatsoEnglish22
474Moms I'd Like to ForgetEnglish22
475Flaming MoeEnglish22
476Homer the FatherEnglish22
477The Blue and the GrayEnglish22
478Angry Dad: The MovieEnglish22
479The Scorpion's TaleEnglish22
480A Midsummer's Nice DreamEnglish22
481Love Is a Many Strangled ThingEnglish22
482The Great SimpsinaEnglish22
483The Real Housewives of Fat TonyEnglish22
484Homer ScissorhandsEnglish22
485500 KeysEnglish22
486The Ned-Liest CatchEnglish22
487The Falcon and the D'ohmanEnglish23
488Bart Stops to Smell the RooseveltsEnglish23
489Treehouse of Horror XXIIEnglish23
490Replaceable YouEnglish23
491The Food WifeEnglish23
492The Book JobEnglish23
493The Man in the Blue Flannel PantsEnglish23
494The Ten-Per-Cent SolutionEnglish23
495Holidays of Future PassedEnglish23
496Politically Inept, with Homer SimpsonEnglish23
497The D'oh-cial NetworkEnglish23
498Moe Goes from Rags to RichesEnglish23
499The Daughter Also RisesEnglish23
500At Long Last LeaveEnglish23
501Exit Through the Kwik-E-MartEnglish23
502How I Wet Your MotherEnglish23
503Them, RobotEnglish23
504Beware My Cheating BartEnglish23
505A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do AgainEnglish23
506The Spy Who Learned MeEnglish23
507Ned 'n Edna's BlendEnglish23
508Lisa Goes GagaEnglish23
509Moonshine RiverEnglish24
510Treehouse of Horror XXIIIEnglish24
511Adventures in Baby-GettingEnglish24
512Gone Abie GoneEnglish24
514A Tree Grows in SpringfieldEnglish24
515The Day the Earth Stood CoolEnglish24
516To Cur with LoveEnglish24
517Homer Goes to Prep SchoolEnglish24
518A Test Before TryingEnglish24
519The Changing of the GuardianEnglish24
520Love Is a Many-Splintered ThingEnglish24
521Hardly Kirk-ingEnglish24
522Gorgeous GrampaEnglish24
523Black Eyed, PleaseEnglish24
524Dark Knight CourtEnglish24
525What Animated Women WantEnglish24
526Pulpit FrictionEnglish24
527Whiskey BusinessEnglish24
528The Fabulous Faker BoyEnglish24
529The Saga of CarlEnglish24
530Dangers on a TrainEnglish24
532Treehouse of Horror XXIVEnglish25
533Four Regrettings and a FuneralEnglish25
535Labor PainsEnglish25
536The Kid Is All RightEnglish25
537Yellow SubterfugeEnglish25
538White Christmas BluesEnglish25
539Steal This EpisodeEnglish25
540Married to the BlobEnglish25
541Specs and the CityEnglish25
543The Man Who Grew Too MuchEnglish25
544The Winter of His ContentEnglish25
545The War of ArtEnglish25
546You Don't Have to Live Like a RefereeEnglish25
548Days of Future FutureEnglish25
549What to Expect When Bart's ExpectingEnglish25
550Brick Like MeEnglish25
551Pay PalEnglish25
552The Yellow Badge of CowardgeEnglish25
553Clown in the DumpsEnglish26
554The Wreck of the RelationshipEnglish26
555Super Franchise MeEnglish26
556Treehouse of Horror XXVEnglish26
557Opposites A-FrackEnglish26
559Blazed and ConfusedEnglish26
561I Won't Be Home for ChristmasEnglish26
562The Man Who Came to Be DinnerEnglish26
563Bart's New FriendEnglish26
564The Musk Who Fell to EarthEnglish26
565Walking Big & TallEnglish26
566My Fare LadyEnglish26
567The Princess GuideEnglish26
568Sky PoliceEnglish26
569Waiting for DuffmanEnglish26
570Peeping MomEnglish26
571The Kids Are All FightEnglish26
572Let's Go Fly a CootEnglish26
574Mathlete's FeatEnglish26
575Every Man's DreamEnglish27
576Cue DetectiveEnglish27
578Halloween of HorrorEnglish27
579Treehouse of Horror XXVIEnglish27
580Friend with BenefitEnglish27
581Lisa with an 'S'English27
582Paths of GloryEnglish27
584The Girl CodeEnglish27
585Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused HurdlesEnglish27
586Much Apu About SomethingEnglish27
587Love Is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4English27
588Gal of Constant SorrowEnglish27
589Lisa the VeterinarianEnglish27
590The Marge-ian ChroniclesEnglish27
591The Burns CageEnglish27
592How Lisa Got Her Marge BackEnglish27
593Fland CanyonEnglish27
594To Courier with LoveEnglish27
596Orange Is the New YellowEnglish27
597Monty Burns' Fleeing CircusEnglish28
598Friends and FamilyEnglish28
599The TownEnglish28
600Treehouse of Horror XXVIIEnglish28
601Trust but ClarifyEnglish28
602There Will Be BudsEnglish28
603Havana Wild WeekendEnglish28
604Dad BehaviorEnglish28
605The Last Traction HeroEnglish28
606The Nightmare After KrustmasEnglish28
607Pork and BurnsEnglish28
608The Great Phatsby Parts 1English28
609The Great Phatsby Parts 2English28
611The Cad and the HatEnglish28
612Kamp KrustierEnglish28
61322 for 30English28
614A Father's WatchEnglish28
615Caper ChaseEnglish28
616Looking for Mr. GoodbartEnglish28
617Moho HouseEnglish28
619The SerfsonsEnglish29
620Springfield SplendorEnglish29
621Whistler's FatherEnglish29
622Treehouse of Horror XXVIIIEnglish29
623Grampy Can Ya Hear MeEnglish29
624The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to BeEnglish29
625Singin' in the LaneEnglish29
626Mr. Lisa's OpusEnglish29
627Gone BoyEnglish29
628Haw-Haw LandEnglish29
629Frink Gets TestyEnglish29
630Homer Is Where the Art Isn'tEnglish29
6313 Scenes Plus a Tag from a MarriageEnglish29
632Fears of a ClownEnglish29
633No Good Read Goes UnpunishedEnglish29
634King LeerEnglish29
635Lisa Gets the BluesEnglish29
636Forgive and RegretEnglish29
637Left BehindEnglish29
638Throw Grampa from the DaneEnglish29
639Flanders' LadderEnglish29
640Bart's Not DeadEnglish30
641Heartbreak HotelEnglish30
642My Way or the Highway to HeavenEnglish30
643Treehouse of Horror XXIXEnglish30
644Baby You Can't Drive My CarEnglish30
645From Russia Without LoveEnglish30
646Werking MomEnglish30
647Krusty the ClownEnglish30
648Daddicus FinchEnglish30
649'Tis the 30th SeasonEnglish30
650Mad About the ToyEnglish30
651The Girl on the BusEnglish30
652I'm Dancing as Fat as I CanEnglish30
653The Clown Stays in the PictureEnglish30
654101 MitigationsEnglish30
655I Want You (She's So Heavy)English30
656E My SportsEnglish30
657Bart vs. Itchy & ScratchyEnglish30
658Girl's in the BandEnglish30
659I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say D'ohEnglish30
660D'oh CanadaEnglish30
661Woo-Hoo Dunnit?English30
662Crystal Blue-Haired PersuasionEnglish30
663The Winter of Our Monetized ContentEnglish31
664Go Big or Go HomerEnglish31
665The Fat Blue LineEnglish31
666Treehouse of Horror XXXEnglish31
667Gorillas on the MastEnglish31
668Marge the LumberjillEnglish31
669Livin La Pura VidaEnglish31
670Thanksgiving of HorrorEnglish31
671Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?English31
672Bobby, It's Cold OutsideEnglish31
673Hail to the TeethEnglish31
674The Miseducation of Lisa SimpsonEnglish31
676Bart the Bad GuyEnglish31
678Better Off NedEnglish31
679Highway to WellEnglish31
680The Incredible Lightness of Being a BabyEnglish31
681Warrin' Priests, Part 1English31
682Warrin' Priests, Part 2English31
683The Hateful Eight-Year-OldsEnglish31
684The Way of the DogEnglish31
685Undercover BurnsEnglish32
686I, CarumbusEnglish32
687Now Museum, Now You Don'tEnglish32
688Treehouse of Horror XXXIEnglish32
689The 7 Beer ItchEnglish32
690Podcast NewsEnglish32
691Three Dreams DeniedEnglish32
692The Road to CincinnatiEnglish32
693Sorry Not SorryEnglish32
694A Springfield Summer Christmas for ChristmasEnglish32
695The Dad-Feelings LimitedEnglish32
696Diary QueenEnglish32
697Wad GoalsEnglish32
698Yokel HeroEnglish32
699Do Pizza Bots Dream of Electric GuitarsEnglish32
700Manger ThingsEnglish32
701Uncut FemmesEnglish32
702Burger KingsEnglish32
703Panic on the Streets of SpringfieldEnglish32
704Mother and Child ReunionEnglish32
705The Man from G.R.A.M.P.A.English32
706The Last BarfighterEnglish32
707The Star of the BackstageEnglish33
708Bart's in Jail!English33
709Treehouse of Horror XXXIIEnglish33
710The Wayz We WereEnglish33
711Lisa's BellyEnglish33
712A Serious Flanders, Part 1English33
713A Serious Flanders, Part 2English33
714Portrait of a Lackey on FireEnglish33
715Mothers and Other StrangersEnglish33
716A Made MaggieEnglish33
717The Longest MargeEnglish33
718Pixelated and AfraidEnglish33
719Boyz N the HighlandsEnglish33
720You Won't Believe What This Episode Is About – Act Three Will Shock You!English33
721Bart the Cool KidEnglish33
722Pretty Whittle LiarEnglish33
723The Sound of Bleeding GumsEnglish33
724My Octopus and a TeacherEnglish33
725Girls Just Shauna Have FunEnglish33
726Marge the MeanieEnglish33
727Meat Is MurderEnglish33
728Poorhouse RockEnglish33
729Habeas TortoiseEnglish34
730One Angry LisaEnglish34
731Lisa the Boy ScoutEnglish34
732The King of NiceEnglish34
733Not ItEnglish34
734Treehouse of Horror XXXIIIEnglish34
735From Beer to PaternityEnglish34
736Step Brother from the Same PlanetEnglish34
737When Nelson Met LisaEnglish34
738Game Done ChangedEnglish34
739Top GoonEnglish34
740My Life as a VlogEnglish34
741The Many Saints of SpringfieldEnglish34
742Carl Carlson Rides AgainEnglish34
744Hostile Kirk PlaceEnglish34
745Pin GalEnglish34
746Fan-Ily FeudEnglish34
747Clown vs. Board of EducationEnglish34