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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983)
Prince Adam and CringerInflation: Muscle
OrkoAnimal TF: Grasshopper
Fire PantherSize Change: Shrink
King RandorAnimal TF: Goat
Dragon2) Size Change: Growth (Revert)
Man-at-ArmElemental Change: Glass
SorceressAnimal TF: Falcon
Dragon, WizardElemental Change: Stone
FarmerElemental Change: Stone
ManAge Change: Progression
Prince Adam and CringerInflation: Muscle
Tree, Bunny, Bird2) Creature TF: Monster (Revert)
Baby Dragon2) Age Change: Progression
WizardAnimal TF: Frog
TeelaAnimal TF: Frog
DemonSize Change: Shrink
GuardsElemental Change: Stone
Man-at-ArmElemental Change: Stone
He-Man & Battlecat1) Size Change: Shrink
Dragon1) Size Change: Growth
Man-at-Arm, Ram Man, GuardsElemental Change: Stone (Revert)
SorceressAnimal TF: Falcon (Revert)
DragonElemental Change: Stone (Revert)
Evil-LynAnimal TF: Snake, Winged
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