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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983)
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Skeletor's RevengeEnglish1
1The Cosmic CometEnglish1
2The Shaping StaffEnglish1
3Disappearing ActEnglish1
4Diamond Ray Of DisappearanceEnglish1
5She-Demon Of PhantosEnglish1
6Teela's QuestEnglish1
7The Curse Of The SpellstoneEnglish1
8The Time CorridorEnglish1
9The Dragon InvasionEnglish1
10A Friend In NeedEnglish1
11Masks Of PowerEnglish1
12Evil-Lyn's PlotEnglish1
13Like Father, Like DaughterEnglish1
14Colossor AwakesEnglish1
15A Beastly SideshowEnglish1
16Reign Of The MonsterEnglish1
17Daimar The DemonEnglish1
18Creatures From The Tar SwampEnglish1
19Quest For He-ManEnglish1
20Dawn Of DragoonEnglish1
21The Royal CousinEnglish1
22Song Of CeliceEnglish1
23Orko's Favorite UncleEnglish1
24Wizard Of Stone MountainEnglish1
26Ordeal In The DarklandsEnglish1
27The Return Of Orko's UncleEnglish1
28The DefectionEnglish1
29Prince Adam No MoreEnglish1
30The Taking Of GrayskullEnglish1
31A Tale Of Two CitiesEnglish1
32Search For The VhoEnglish1
33The StarchildEnglish1
34The Dragon's GiftEnglish1
35The Sleepers AwakenEnglish1
36The SearchEnglish1
37It's Not My FaultEnglish1
38Valley Of PowerEnglish1
39Trouble In ArcadiaEnglish1
40House Of Shokoti, Part 1English1
41House Of Shokoti, Part 2English1
42Double Edged SwordEnglish1
43The Mystery Of Man-E-FacesEnglish1
44The Region Of IceEnglish1
45Orko's Missing MagicEnglish1
46Eternal DarknessEnglish1
47Keeper Of The Ancient RuinsEnglish1
48Return Of EvilEnglish1
49Return Of The GryphonEnglish1
50Temple Of The SunEnglish1
51City Beneath The SeaEnglish1
52Teela's TrialEnglish1
53Dree Elle's ReturnEnglish1
54Game PlanEnglish1
55Eye Of The BeholderEnglish1
56Quest For The SwordEnglish1
57Castle Of HeroesEnglish1
58The Once And Future DukeEnglish1
59The Witch And The WarriorEnglish1
60The Return Of GranamyrEnglish1
61Pawns Of The Game MasterEnglish1
62Golden Disks Of KnowledgeEnglish1
63The HuntsmanEnglish1
64The RemedyEnglish1
65The Heart Of A GiantEnglish1
66The Cat And The SpiderEnglish2
67The Energy BeastEnglish2
68Day Of The MachinesEnglish2
69The GamesmanEnglish2
70Fisto's ForestEnglish2
71The Rarest Gift Of AllEnglish2
72The Great Books MysteryEnglish2
73To Save SkeletorEnglish2
74Island Of FearEnglish2
75Origin Of The SorceressEnglish2
76The Ice Age ComethEnglish2
77Trouble In TrollaEnglish2
78Betrayal Of StratosEnglish2
79Disappearing DragonsEnglish2
80The Shadow Of SkeletorEnglish2
81The ArenaEnglish2
82Attack From BelowEnglish2
83Into The AbyssEnglish2
84Fraidy CatEnglish2
85The Rainbow WarriorEnglish2
86A Trip To MorainiaEnglish2
87Things That Go Bump In The NightEnglish2
88Three On A DareEnglish2
89Just A Little LieEnglish2
90One For AllEnglish2
91Jacob And The WidgetsEnglish2
92The Littlest GiantEnglish2
93Trouble's Middle NameEnglish2
94Journey To Stone CityEnglish2
95A Bird In The HandEnglish2
97The Time WheelEnglish2
98Search For The PastEnglish2
99Hunt For He-ManEnglish2
100The Greatest Show On EterniaEnglish2
101Not So BlindEnglish2
102Revenge Is Never SweetEnglish2
103The Good Shall SurviveEnglish2
104The Secret Of GrayskullEnglish2
105No Job Too SmallEnglish2
106The Bitter RoseEnglish2
107The GamblerEnglish2
108Teela's TriumphEnglish2
109Orko's New FriendEnglish2
110The Problem With PowerEnglish2
111Double TroubleEnglish2
112The Eternia FlowerEnglish2
113Happy Birthday RobotoEnglish2
114Battle Of The DragonsEnglish2
115Time Doesn't FlyEnglish2
116Here, There, Skeletors EverywhereEnglish2
117Beauty And The BeastEnglish2
118Orko's ReturnEnglish2
119Visitors From EarthEnglish2
120Monster On The MountainEnglish2
121The Magic FallsEnglish2
122Search For A SonEnglish2
123Mistaken IdentityEnglish2
124The Toy MakerEnglish2
125Bargain With EvilEnglish2
126Capture The Comet KeeperEnglish2
127The Ancient Mirror Of AvatharEnglish2
128The GamesEnglish2
129To Save The CreaturesEnglish2
130The Cold ZoneEnglish2