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Muteking, The Dashing Warrior
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Dispatch! MutekingEnglish1
2The Mysterious Strap Huge MessEnglish1
3Eat Again Before and After MealsEnglish1
4Conquer with Disinformation!English1
5Large Waves and Small Waves Flood!English1
6Weird Personal ConsultationEnglish1
7Bullshit Baseball! 0 to 0English1
8It's a Big Jungle Panic!English1
9Play Play Play with Everyone!English1
10Is the Octopus the Great Demon King of the Universe?English1
11Surprise! The Earth is Full of RobotsEnglish1
12It Came Out! The Great Phantom of the Kurodako MansionEnglish1
13Everyone Dig Here! A Treasure SleepsEnglish1
14New Hero? Female MutekingEnglish1
15Everyone Hibernate with Flowing SnowEnglish1
16New Theory! Human Eevaporation If Wet In the RainEnglish1
17What Happens to Humans If They Enjoy Themselves In a Car?English1
18Festival Heave-ho! Everyone DanceEnglish1
19Kurodako's Perfect HelmetEnglish1
20Popular Climax! Kurodako SoundEnglish1
21Lots of Laughs! Kurodako Large CircusEnglish1
22Maze! All Adults and Children are LostEnglish1
23Octopus Star Stone That Opens Good LuckEnglish1
24Takoro's Guts Marathon ManEnglish1
25Winds and Clouds! Great Duel on Mount EagleEnglish1
26It's a Break, Hot SaucerEnglish1
27Realization! Kurodako's UtopiaEnglish1
28Welcome! Kurodako's Ryugu CastleEnglish1
29Success! Kurodako's Conquest of the MoonEnglish1
30Goodbye MitchieEnglish1
31Ah Sad Love! Takomi's Pure LoveEnglish1
32Unable to Recover?! Kurodako's Complete DefeatEnglish1
33Let's Go to Japan! Great MigrationEnglish1
34Silver Family Big RaceEnglish1
35Life or Death?! KO Ranch Death FightEnglish1
36Thrill! Horror Truck BastardEnglish1
37Open Dignifiedly! Takoro PoliceEnglish1
38No No No! Takoro's MomEnglish1
39Large Profit?! Kurodako Tour BoatEnglish1
40Fighting Portable Shrine Great MeleeEnglish1
41Fly Fly Balloon! Big RaceEnglish1
42Great Hit? Takoro Picture Story ShowEnglish1
43Bloom In the Sky! Humanity FireworksEnglish1
44Great Sale! Kurodako MansionEnglish1
45Tears! Retirement of Downtown TrainEnglish1
46Brilliant! Kurodako's Summer VacationEnglish1
47Angler TakoroEnglish1
48The Panda Has Disappeared! Invisibility CloakEnglish1
49Don't Turn Off the Lights In the PlayhouseEnglish1
50Impressed! Kurodako Tears of ParentsEnglish1
51First Love! Takosak's Pure StoryEnglish1
52Reconciliation?! Kurodako's SOSEnglish1
53How to Win the Muteking GameEnglish1
54Rescue Squad Storm Showdown!English1
55Great Chase! Telepote TubeEnglish1
56This Is the Last Sight! Great Decisive BattleEnglish1