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Muteking, The Dashing Warrior
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1Dispatch! MutekingEnglish1     X
2The Mysterious Strap Huge MessEnglish1     X
3Eat Again Before and After MealsEnglish1     X
4Conquer with Disinformation!English1     X
5Large Waves and Small Waves Flood!English1     X
6Weird Personal ConsultationEnglish1     X
7Bullshit Baseball! 0 to 0English1     X
8It's a Big Jungle Panic!English1     X
9Play Play Play with Everyone!English1     X
10Is the Octopus the Great Demon King of the Universe?English1     X
11Surprise! The Earth is Full of RobotsEnglish1     X
12It Came Out! The Great Phantom of the Kurodako MansionEnglish1     X
13Everyone Dig Here! A Treasure SleepsEnglish1     X
14New Hero? Female MutekingEnglish1     X
15Everyone Hibernate with Flowing SnowEnglish1     X
16New Theory! Human Eevaporation If Wet In the RainEnglish1     X
17What Happens to Humans If They Enjoy Themselves In a Car?English1     X
18Festival Heave-ho! Everyone DanceEnglish1     X
19Kurodako's Perfect HelmetEnglish1     X
20Popular Climax! Kurodako SoundEnglish1     X
21Lots of Laughs! Kurodako Large CircusEnglish1     X
22Maze! All Adults and Children are LostEnglish1     X
23Octopus Star Stone That Opens Good LuckEnglish1     X
24Takoro's Guts Marathon ManEnglish1     X
25Winds and Clouds! Great Duel on Mount EagleEnglish1     X
26It's a Break, Hot SaucerEnglish1     X
27Realization! Kurodako's UtopiaEnglish1     X
28Welcome! Kurodako's Ryugu CastleEnglish1     X
29Success! Kurodako's Conquest of the MoonEnglish1     X
30Goodbye MitchieEnglish1     X
31Ah Sad Love! Takomi's Pure LoveEnglish1     X
32Unable to Recover?! Kurodako's Complete DefeatEnglish1     X
33Let's Go to Japan! Great MigrationEnglish1     X
34Silver Family Big RaceEnglish1     X
35Life or Death?! KO Ranch Death FightEnglish1     X
36Thrill! Horror Truck BastardEnglish1     X
37Open Dignifiedly! Takoro PoliceEnglish1     X
38No No No! Takoro's MomEnglish1     X
39Large Profit?! Kurodako Tour BoatEnglish1     X
40Fighting Portable Shrine Great MeleeEnglish1     X
41Fly Fly Balloon! Big RaceEnglish1     X
42Great Hit? Takoro Picture Story ShowEnglish1     X
43Bloom In the Sky! Humanity FireworksEnglish1     X
44Great Sale! Kurodako MansionEnglish1     X
45Tears! Retirement of Downtown TrainEnglish1     X
46Brilliant! Kurodako's Summer VacationEnglish1     X
47Angler TakoroEnglish1     X
48The Panda Has Disappeared! Invisibility CloakEnglish1     X
49Don't Turn Off the Lights In the PlayhouseEnglish1     X
50Impressed! Kurodako Tears of ParentsEnglish1     X
51First Love! Takosak's Pure StoryEnglish1     X
52Reconciliation?! Kurodako's SOSEnglish1     X
53How to Win the Muteking GameEnglish1     X
54Rescue Squad Storm Showdown!English1     X
55Great Chase! Telepote TubeEnglish1     X
56This Is the Last Sight! Great Decisive BattleEnglish1     X