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Farhat: The Prince of the Desert
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The Prince Comes HomeEnglish1
2The Tail of the ScorpionEnglish1
3A Genius Named TildaEnglish1
4The Light of the SharimanEnglish1
5In the Great DarknessEnglish1
6Ambush in the DesertEnglish1
7A Trip in a BalloonEnglish1
8Watch Out for Miss KeyholeEnglish1
9Experience DeceivesEnglish1
10Dreams are RealityEnglish1
11Snarchkoff Against SnarchkoffEnglish1
12Under the Sun of EgokhanEnglish1
13Spider WebEnglish1
14The Valley of the MayasEnglish1
15In the Belly of EgokhanEnglish1
16Under SiegeEnglish1
17The Call of Queen DolunaiEnglish1
18Trap of SmokeEnglish1
20Ben's BetrayalEnglish1
21The DuellersEnglish1
22A Rose for AliEnglish1
23Ben's WrathEnglish1
24Zenem's HeritageEnglish1
25Nigel TrappedEnglish1
26The Triumph of the Light English1
27Too LightEnglish2
28The GeniusEnglish2
29The Keepers of AshtarakEnglish2
30A Hero's FallEnglish2
31Upside DownEnglish2
32The Cursed KeeperEnglish2
33The Temple of the Black ScorpionEnglish2
34Games Gone CrazyEnglish2
35Ben in BlackEnglish2
36The Spirit of the ForestEnglish2
37The ApprenticeEnglish2
38Battle in the Big AppleEnglish2
39Tilda's GhostEnglish2
40Suspended in LimboEnglish2
41Red AlarmEnglish2
42The Mask FallsEnglish2
43A Calm Weekend at OxfordEnglish2
44Head to HeadEnglish2
45The Remaining PathEnglish2
46Sweet CoastEnglish2
47A Possible WorldEnglish2
48Heart of DarknessEnglish2
49Great ManoeuvresEnglish2
50On the Edge of the AbyssEnglish2
51Farhat Against EverybodyEnglish2
52The Lacking Grain English2