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Farhat: The Prince of the Desert
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1The Prince Comes HomeEnglish1     X
2The Tail of the ScorpionEnglish1     X
3A Genius Named TildaEnglish1     X
4The Light of the SharimanEnglish1     X
5In the Great DarknessEnglish1     X
6Ambush in the DesertEnglish1     X
7A Trip in a BalloonEnglish1     X
8Watch Out for Miss KeyholeEnglish1     X
9Experience DeceivesEnglish1     X
10Dreams are RealityEnglish1     X
11Snarchkoff Against SnarchkoffEnglish1     X
12Under the Sun of EgokhanEnglish1     X
13Spider WebEnglish1     X
14The Valley of the MayasEnglish1     X
15In the Belly of EgokhanEnglish1     X
16Under SiegeEnglish1     X
17The Call of Queen DolunaiEnglish1     X
18Trap of SmokeEnglish1     X
19HomelessEnglish1     X
20Ben's BetrayalEnglish1     X
21The DuellersEnglish1     X
22A Rose for AliEnglish1     X
23Ben's WrathEnglish1     X
24Zenem's HeritageEnglish1     X
25Nigel TrappedEnglish1     X
26The Triumph of the Light English1     X
27Too LightEnglish2     X
28The GeniusEnglish2     X
29The Keepers of AshtarakEnglish2     X
30A Hero's FallEnglish2     X
31Upside DownEnglish2     X
32The Cursed KeeperEnglish2     X
33The Temple of the Black ScorpionEnglish2     X
34Games Gone CrazyEnglish2     X
35Ben in BlackEnglish2     X
36The Spirit of the ForestEnglish2     X
37The ApprenticeEnglish2     X
38Battle in the Big AppleEnglish2     X
39Tilda's GhostEnglish2     X
40Suspended in LimboEnglish2     X
41Red AlarmEnglish2     X
42The Mask FallsEnglish2     X
43A Calm Weekend at OxfordEnglish2     X
44Head to HeadEnglish2     X
45The Remaining PathEnglish2     X
46Sweet CoastEnglish2     X
47A Possible WorldEnglish2     X
48Heart of DarknessEnglish2     X
49Great ManoeuvresEnglish2     X
50On the Edge of the AbyssEnglish2     X
51Farhat Against EverybodyEnglish2     X
52The Lacking Grain English2     X