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Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The Sword of BaltandersEnglish1
2The Blood of AugustEnglish1
3Battle of the dragonEnglish1
4Guardian of the GardenEnglish1
5Curse of Wolves (Part 1)English1
6Curse of the Wolves (Part 2)English1
7The Ruins of BaltandersEnglish1
9The Relic, Part 1English1
10The Relic, Part 2English1
11Leki's Little adventureEnglish1
12The Black TigerEnglish1
14Do You Mine?English1
15Sister of the MoonEnglish1
16The Black Tiger ReturnsEnglish1
17Of Swords and SecretsEnglish1
18Birds and BeesEnglish1
19Dark DeceptionEnglish1
20Snakes in the TempleEnglish1
21Revelations of the RunesEnglish1
22Three's a CharmEnglish1
23The Anger of AzalieEnglish1
24Journey's EndEnglish1
25Heal my Soul, Hot SpringsEnglish2
26The Big Bath of BetrayalEnglish2
27The Supply Store from HellEnglish2
28Wonderful ~ The Ripple of LoveEnglish2
29Awaken, Beloved OneEnglish2
30Shrimp Man, Crab WomanEnglish2
31The Sweet Trap of an ErrandEnglish2
32Is That a Bird?English2
33The Lady of the Speed of SoundEnglish2
34The Phantom Mountain of SnowEnglish2
35The Crab & the BoyEnglish2
36The Big Courtroom of JusticeEnglish2
37The Young Woman Who Caught a ColdEnglish2
38What?! Majic has...English2
39Running Away on the Night of a Full MoonEnglish2
40Turmoil! A Luxurious Passenger ShipEnglish2
41It Appears! Fake OrphenEnglish2
42Rhapsody of SorrowEnglish2
43Lycoris NeilsenEnglish2
44The Truth inside the StormEnglish2
45Sorcerer MajicEnglish2
46Soul SistersEnglish2
47I am the Sword, Drawn from the LightEnglish2