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Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1The Sword of BaltandersEnglish1     X
2The Blood of AugustEnglish1     X
3Battle of the dragonEnglish1     X
4Guardian of the GardenEnglish1     X
5Curse of Wolves (Part 1)English1     X
6Curse of the Wolves (Part 2)English1     X
7The Ruins of BaltandersEnglish1     X
8AzalieEnglish1     X
9The Relic, Part 1English1     X
10The Relic, Part 2English1     X
11Leki's Little adventureEnglish1     X
12The Black TigerEnglish1     X
13FlameheartEnglish1     X
14Do You Mine?English1     X
15Sister of the MoonEnglish1     X
16The Black Tiger ReturnsEnglish1     X
17Of Swords and SecretsEnglish1     X
18Birds and BeesEnglish1     X
19Dark DeceptionEnglish1     X
20Snakes in the TempleEnglish1     X
21Revelations of the RunesEnglish1     X
22Three's a CharmEnglish1     X
23The Anger of AzalieEnglish1     X
24Journey's EndEnglish1     X
25Heal my Soul, Hot SpringsEnglish2     X
26The Big Bath of BetrayalEnglish2     X
27The Supply Store from HellEnglish2     X
28Wonderful ~ The Ripple of LoveEnglish2     X
29Awaken, Beloved OneEnglish2     X
30Shrimp Man, Crab WomanEnglish2     X
31The Sweet Trap of an ErrandEnglish2     X
32Is That a Bird?English2     X
33The Lady of the Speed of SoundEnglish2     X
34The Phantom Mountain of SnowEnglish2     X
35The Crab & the BoyEnglish2     X
36The Big Courtroom of JusticeEnglish2     X
37The Young Woman Who Caught a ColdEnglish2     X
38What?! Majic has...English2     X
39Running Away on the Night of a Full MoonEnglish2     X
40Turmoil! A Luxurious Passenger ShipEnglish2     X
41It Appears! Fake OrphenEnglish2     X
42Rhapsody of SorrowEnglish2     X
43Lycoris NeilsenEnglish2     X
44The Truth inside the StormEnglish2     X
45Sorcerer MajicEnglish2     X
46Soul SistersEnglish2     X
47I am the Sword, Drawn from the LightEnglish2     X