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Owl House, The
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1A Lying Witch and a WardenEnglish1
2Witches Before WizardsEnglish1
3I Was a Teenage AbominationEnglish1
4The IntruderEnglish1
6Hooty's Moving HassleEnglish1
7Lost in LanguageEnglish1
8Once Upon a SwapEnglish1
9Something Ventured, Someone FramedEnglish1
10Escape of the PalismanEnglish1
11Sense and InsensitivityEnglish1
12Adventures in the ElementsEnglish1
13The First DayEnglish1
14Really Small ProblemsEnglish1
15Understanding WillowEnglish1
16Enchanting Grom FrightEnglish1
17Wing It Like WitchesEnglish1
18Agony of a WitchEnglish1
19Young Blood, Old SoulsEnglish1
20Separate TidesEnglish2
21Escaping ExpulsionEnglish2
22Echoes of the PastEnglish2
23Keeping Up A-fear-ancesEnglish2
24Through the Looking Glass RuinsEnglish2
25Hunting PalismenEnglish2
26Eda's RequiemEnglish2
27Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's DoorEnglish2
28Eclipse LakeEnglish2
29Yesterday's LieEnglish2
30Follies at the Coven Day ParadeEnglish2
31Elsewhere and ElsewhenEnglish2
32Any Sport in a StormEnglish2
33Reaching OutEnglish2
34Them's the Breaks, KidEnglish2
35Hollow MindEnglish2
36Edge of the WorldEnglish2
37Labyrinth RunnersEnglish2
38O Titan, Where Art ThouEnglish2
39Clouds on the HorizonEnglish2
40King's TideEnglish2