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Owl House, The
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1A Lying Witch and a WardenEnglish1     X
2Witches Before WizardsEnglish1     X
3I Was a Teenage AbominationEnglish1     X
4The IntruderEnglish1     X
5CoventionEnglish1     X
6Hooty's Moving HassleEnglish1     X
7Lost in LanguageEnglish1     X
8Once Upon a SwapEnglish1     X
9Something Ventured, Someone FramedEnglish1     X
10Escape of the PalismanEnglish1     X
11Sense and InsensitivityEnglish1     X
12Adventures in the ElementsEnglish1     X
13The First DayEnglish1     X
14Really Small ProblemsEnglish1     X
15Understanding WillowEnglish1     X
16Enchanting Grom FrightEnglish1     X
17Wing It Like WitchesEnglish1     X
18Agony of a WitchEnglish1     X
19Young Blood, Old SoulsEnglish1     X
20Separate TidesEnglish2     X
21Escaping ExpulsionEnglish2     X
22Echoes of the PastEnglish2     X
23Keeping Up A-fear-ancesEnglish2     X
24Through the Looking Glass RuinsEnglish2     X
25Hunting PalismenEnglish2     X
26Eda's RequiemEnglish2     X
27Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's DoorEnglish2     X
28Eclipse LakeEnglish2     X
29Yesterday's LieEnglish2     X
30Follies at the Coven Day ParadeEnglish2     X
31Elsewhere and ElsewhenEnglish2     X
32Any Sport in a StormEnglish2     X
33Reaching OutEnglish2     X
34Them's the Breaks, KidEnglish2     X
35Hollow MindEnglish2     X
36Edge of the WorldEnglish2     X
37Labyrinth RunnersEnglish2     X
38O Titan, Where Art ThouEnglish2     X
39Clouds on the HorizonEnglish2     X
40King's TideEnglish2     X