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Sofia the First
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
0Elena and the Secret of Avalor, Part 2English0
0Elena and the Secret of Avalor, Part 1English0
1Just One of the PrincesEnglish1
2The Big SleepoverEnglish1
3Let the Good Times TrollEnglish1
4Cedric's ApprenticeEnglish1
5A Royal MessEnglish1
6The Shy PrincessEnglish1
7Blue Ribbon BunnyEnglish1
8The Princess TestEnglish1
9Baileywick's Day OffEnglish1
10Tri-Kingdom PicnicEnglish1
11The Little WitchEnglish1
12Two to TanguEnglish1
13Finding CloverEnglish1
14The Amulet of AvalorEnglish1
15The ButtercupsEnglish1
16Make Way for Miss NettleEnglish1
17The Amulet and the AnthemEnglish1
18Tea for Too ManyEnglish1
19Princess ButterflyEnglish1
20Great Aunt-VentureEnglish1
21The Baker KingEnglish1
22The Floating Palace, Part 1English1
23The Floating Palace, Part 2English1
24Holiday in EnchanciaEnglish1
25Four's a CrowdEnglish1
26Two Princesses and a BabyEnglish2
27The Enchanted FeastEnglish2
28The Flying CrownEnglish2
29Mom's the WordEnglish2
30The Silent KnightEnglish2
31Enchanted Science FairEnglish2
32King for a DayEnglish2
33When You Wish Upon a WellEnglish2
34Gizmo GwenEnglish2
35Sofia the SecondEnglish2
36Mystic MeadowsEnglish2
37Princesses to the Rescue!English2
38Ghostly GalaEnglish2
39The Emerald KeyEnglish2
40Scrambled PetsEnglish2
41The Princess Stays in the PictureEnglish2
43The Curse of Princess Ivy, Part 1English2
44The Curse of Princess Ivy, Part 2English2
45Winter's GiftEnglish2
46The Leafsong FestivalEnglish2
47Substitute CedricEnglish2
48Clover TimeEnglish2
49In a TizzyEnglish2
50A Tale of Two TeamsEnglish2
51The Littlest PrincessEnglish2
52Buttercup AmberEnglish2
53Carol of the ArrowEnglish2
54Sidekick ClioEnglish2
55Minimus is MissingEnglish2
56Cool Hand FlukeEnglish3
57Cedric Be GoodEnglish3
58Princess Adventure ClubEnglish3
59Minding the ManorEnglish3
60The Secret LibraryEnglish3
61New Genie on the BlockEnglish3
62The Fliegel Has LandedEnglish3
63The Princess BalletEnglish3
64All the Sprite MovesEnglish3
65Sofia in ElvenmoorEnglish3
66Stormy LaniEnglish3
67Lord of the RinkEnglish3
68The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss NettleEnglish3
69Gone With the WandEnglish3
70Bad Little DragonEnglish3
71Bunny SwapEnglish3
72Her Royal SpynessEnglish3
73Best in Air ShowEnglish3
74Dads and Daughters DayEnglish3
75The Tale of the Noble KnightEnglish3
76The Bamboo KiteEnglish3
77Beauty is the BeastEnglish3
78Cauldronation DayEnglish3
79Camp WilderwoodEnglish3
80Royal VacationEnglish3
81Hexley HallEnglish3
82The Princess ProdigyEnglish3
83One for the BooksEnglish3
84Day of the SorcerersEnglish4
85The Secret Library: Tale of the Eternal TorchEnglish4
86The Crown of BlossomsEnglish4
87Pin the Blame on the GenieEnglish4
88The Mystic IslesEnglish4
89The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the ProtectorEnglish4
90The Royal DragonEnglish4
91The Mystic Isles: The Mare of the MistEnglish4
92Through the Looking Back GlassEnglish4
93Princess JadeEnglish4
94Ivy's True ColorsEnglish4
95Too Cute to SpookEnglish4
96Pirated AwayEnglish4
97The Mystic Isles: The Falcon's EyeEnglish4
98The Mystic Isles: The Great PretenderEnglish4
99The Mystic Isles: A Very Mystic WassaliaEnglish4
100The Birthday WishEnglish4
101In Cedric We TrustEnglish4
102The Mystic Isles: A Hero for the HoodwinksEnglish4
103The Mystic Isles: Undercover FairiesEnglish4
104A Royal WeddingEnglish4
105The Royal School FairEnglish4
106The Lost PyramidEnglish4
107Return to Merroway CoveEnglish4
108The Elf SituationEnglish4
109Sofia the First: Forever RoyalEnglish4