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Final Space
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Chapter OneEnglish1
2Chapter TwoEnglish1
3Chapter ThreeEnglish1
4Chapter FourEnglish1
5Chapter FiveEnglish1
6Chapter SixEnglish1
7Chapter SevenEnglish1
8Chapter EightEnglish1
9Chapter NineEnglish1
10Chapter TenEnglish1
11The Toro RegattaEnglish2
12The Happy PlaceEnglish2
13The Grand SurrenderEnglish2
14The Other SideEnglish2
15The Notorious Mrs. GoodspeedEnglish2
16The ArachnitectsEnglish2
17The First Times They MetEnglish2
18The RememberedEnglish2
19The Closer You GetEnglish2
20The Lost SpyEnglish2
21The Set UpEnglish2
22The Descent Into DarknessEnglish2
23The Sixth KeyEnglish2
24…and into the FireEnglish3
25The Hidden LightEnglish3
26The VentrexianEnglish3
27One of UsEnglish3
28All the Moments LostEnglish3
29Change Is Gonna ComeEnglish3
30The Chamber of DoubtEnglish3
32Hyper-Transdimensional Bridge RisingEnglish3
33Until the Sky FallsEnglish3
34The Dead SpeakEnglish3
35The LeavingEnglish3
36The Devil's DenEnglish3