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Final Space
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1Chapter OneEnglish1     X
2Chapter TwoEnglish1     X
3Chapter ThreeEnglish1     X
4Chapter FourEnglish1     X
5Chapter FiveEnglish1     X
6Chapter SixEnglish1     X
7Chapter SevenEnglish1     X
8Chapter EightEnglish1     X
9Chapter NineEnglish1     X
10Chapter TenEnglish1     X
11The Toro RegattaEnglish2     X
12The Happy PlaceEnglish2     X
13The Grand SurrenderEnglish2     X
14The Other SideEnglish2     X
15The Notorious Mrs. GoodspeedEnglish2     X
16The ArachnitectsEnglish2     X
17The First Times They MetEnglish2     X
18The RememberedEnglish2     X
19The Closer You GetEnglish2     X
20The Lost SpyEnglish2     X
21The Set UpEnglish2     X
22The Descent Into DarknessEnglish2     X
23The Sixth KeyEnglish2     X
24…and into the FireEnglish3     X
25The Hidden LightEnglish3     X
26The VentrexianEnglish3     X
27One of UsEnglish3     X
28All the Moments LostEnglish3     X
29Change Is Gonna ComeEnglish3     X
30The Chamber of DoubtEnglish3     X
31ForgivenessEnglish3     X
32Hyper-Transdimensional Bridge RisingEnglish3     X
33Until the Sky FallsEnglish3     X
34The Dead SpeakEnglish3     X
35The LeavingEnglish3     X
36The Devil's DenEnglish3     X