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No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Dinosaur Valley English1
2Take Us Out To The Ballgame English1
3Happy Egg-Day To You English1
4Hooray For Hollywood English1
5Divide And Conquer English1
6A Real Super Hero English1
7Burgers Up English1
8Be Prepared English1
9That Shrinking Feeling English1
10Rockin' Reptiles English1
11Sleeping Booty English1
12The First Snow English1
13Trick Or Cheat English1
14Defective Defector English1
15For The Love Of Teryx English1
16A Man's Best Friend Is His Dogasaurus English1
17Carnivore In Rio English1
18Frozen Fur-Balls English1
19Hook, Line, And Stinker English1
20Prehistoric Purge English1
21The Truth About Dragons English1
22Chariots Of The Dinosaucers English1
23Eggs Mark The Spot English1
24Mommy Dino-Dearest English1
25The Whale Song English1
26Inquiring MindsEnglish1
27War Of The Worlds... II English1
28Beach Blanket Bonehead English1
29The Bone Ranger And Bronto English1
30Cindersaurus English1
31Trouble In Paradise English1
32Monday Night Clawball English1
33Age Of Aquariums English1
34Scents Of Wonder English1
35Fine Feathered Friend English1
36Allo And Co-Stego Meet The Abominable Snowman English1
37The Quackup Of Quackpot English1
38It's An Archaeopteryx... It's A Plane... It's Thunder Lizard!English1
39Teacher's Pest English1
40Dino Chips! English1
41The Heart And Sole Of Big Foot English1
42Karatesaurus Wrecks English1
43Loches And Bay GullsEnglish1
44The Trojan Horsesasaurus English1
45We're Off To See The Lizard English1
46Seeing Purple English1
47There's No Such Thing As Stego-Claws English1
48Applesaucers English1
49Reduced For Clarance English1
50Attack Of The Fur-Balls English1
51Dinosaur Dundy English1
52Those Reptilon Nights English1
53Dinolympics English1
54Sara Had A Little Lambeosaurus English1
55Beauty And The Bonehead English1
56Museum Of Natural Humans English1
57Sabre-Tooth Or Consequenses English1
58Camp Tyranno English1
59The BabysitterEnglish1
60Toy-Ranno Store WarsEnglish1
61The T-Bone StakesEnglish1
62Scales Of JusticeEnglish1
63I've Got Those Reptilon Blues Again, MommasaurEnglish1
64I Was A Teenage HumanEnglish1
65The FriendEnglish1