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No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1Dinosaur Valley English1     X
2Take Us Out To The Ballgame English1     X
3Happy Egg-Day To You English1     X
4Hooray For Hollywood English1     X
5Divide And Conquer English1     X
6A Real Super Hero English1     X
7Burgers Up English1     X
8Be Prepared English1     X
9That Shrinking Feeling English1     X
10Rockin' Reptiles English1     X
11Sleeping Booty English1     X
12The First Snow English1     X
13Trick Or Cheat English1     X
14Defective Defector English1     X
15For The Love Of Teryx English1     X
16A Man's Best Friend Is His Dogasaurus English1     X
17Carnivore In Rio English1     X
18Frozen Fur-Balls English1     X
19Hook, Line, And Stinker English1     X
20Prehistoric Purge English1     X
21The Truth About Dragons English1     X
22Chariots Of The Dinosaucers English1     X
23Eggs Mark The Spot English1     X
24Mommy Dino-Dearest English1     X
25The Whale Song English1     X
26Inquiring MindsEnglish1     X
27War Of The Worlds... II English1     X
28Beach Blanket Bonehead English1     X
29The Bone Ranger And Bronto English1     X
30Cindersaurus English1     X
31Trouble In Paradise English1     X
32Monday Night Clawball English1     X
33Age Of Aquariums English1     X
34Scents Of Wonder English1     X
35Fine Feathered Friend English1     X
36Allo And Co-Stego Meet The Abominable Snowman English1     X
37The Quackup Of Quackpot English1     X
38It's An Archaeopteryx... It's A Plane... It's Thunder Lizard!English1     X
39Teacher's Pest English1     X
40Dino Chips! English1     X
41The Heart And Sole Of Big Foot English1     X
42Karatesaurus Wrecks English1     X
43Loches And Bay GullsEnglish1     X
44The Trojan Horsesasaurus English1     X
45We're Off To See The Lizard English1     X
46Seeing Purple English1     X
47There's No Such Thing As Stego-Claws English1     X
48Applesaucers English1     X
49Reduced For Clarance English1     X
50Attack Of The Fur-Balls English1     X
51Dinosaur Dundy English1     X
52Those Reptilon Nights English1     X
53Dinolympics English1     X
54Sara Had A Little Lambeosaurus English1     X
55Beauty And The Bonehead English1     X
56Museum Of Natural Humans English1     X
57Sabre-Tooth Or Consequenses English1     X
58Camp Tyranno English1     X
59The BabysitterEnglish1     X
60Toy-Ranno Store WarsEnglish1     X
61The T-Bone StakesEnglish1     X
62Scales Of JusticeEnglish1     X
63I've Got Those Reptilon Blues Again, MommasaurEnglish1     X
64I Was A Teenage HumanEnglish1     X
65The FriendEnglish1     X