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No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The OriginsEnglish1
2The ShamanEnglish1
3The RockfrozEnglish1
4A New EnemyEnglish1
5Surprise AttackEnglish1
6In the Land of Crushing LianaEnglish1
7Neceron the MercylessEnglish1
8The Temple of DoomEnglish1
9The PredestinedEnglish1
10An Unexpected HelpEnglish1
11Mortal DangerEnglish1
12The Island of the MoonEnglish1
13Hunt for General TreekEnglish1
14The Revolt of the DragonsEnglish1
15Double DeceptionEnglish1
16Message from the PastEnglish1
17An Adventure for SixEnglish1
18The Secret of JamesEnglish1
19The Keeper of the LakeEnglish1
20Back from the DarkEnglish1
21The Shadow of the EnemyEnglish1
22Mission "White Dragon"English1
23Desperate EscapeEnglish1
24The Last EclipseEnglish1
25Bare FacedEnglish1
26The End of the BeginningEnglish1
27Return to the Past WorldEnglish2
28The Iron DinosaurEnglish2
29An Island in the SkyEnglish2
30A New DinofrozEnglish2
31The Legend of FirerockEnglish2
32The Dragon From The SwampEnglish2
33Mistery at the Center of the EarthEnglish2
34The Dragon SlayersEnglish2
35Race Against TimeEnglish2
36The Girl with the Jade EyesEnglish2
37Codename: Dominion ProjectEnglish2
38The Fury of DrakemonEnglish2
39The Power of the DinowatchEnglish2
40The Day of the Two StarsEnglish2
41The Shadow of BetrayalEnglish2
42Acquisition: TriceratopsEnglish2
43In the Lair of the EnemyEnglish2
44Face to FaceEnglish2
45A New AllianceEnglish2
46Mission IncredibleEnglish2
47Tower AssaultEnglish2
48The Ice PrisonEnglish2
49Unexpected ProposalEnglish2
50From Father to SonEnglish2
51Over the Skies of RocketownEnglish2
52The Last SecretEnglish2