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Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The Natural, Part 1English1
2The Natural, Part 2English1
3The Natural, Part 3English1
4Om Nom NomEnglish1
5The HuntedEnglish1
6Into the Fire, Part 1English1
7Into the Fire, Part 2English1
8Shaw K'NawEnglish1
9The TakenEnglish1
10The SiphonEnglish1
11The Deep End, Part 1English1
12The Deep End, Part 2English1
13The Last of His KindEnglish1
14Night MovesEnglish1
15The Nature of Things, Part 1English1
16The Nature of Things, Part 2English1
17A Light in the DarknessEnglish1
18Duel HardEnglish1
19Heart of Darkness: Part 1English1
20Heart of Darkness: Part 2English1
21Like Father, Like SonEnglish1
22The Unbareable Being of LightnessEnglish1
23Heavenly CreaturesEnglish1
25The Rising, Part 1English1
26The Rising, Part 2English1