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XyzAbc's Favorites
Wild KrattsAnimal TF: Lobster Larva
Black Cauldron, TheAnimal TF: Frog
Spider-Man (1994)1) Animal TF: Lizard
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983)2) Size Change: Growth (Revert)
Spider-Man (1994)2) Animal TF: Man-Spider
Tangled The SeriesAnimal TF: Werewolf
Roswell Conspiracies9) Creature TF: Lycanthrope
Dexter's LaboratorySize: Growth
Real Ghostbusters, TheCreature TF: Monster
World of QuestSize Change: Growth
Guyver10) Creature TF: Monster
Dragon Prince, TheBody Alteration: Wings
Batman the Animated Series2) Inflation: Muscle
BunniculaInflation: Muscle
WizardsCreature TF: Monster
WizardsAnimal TF: Various
Roswell Conspiracies2) Creature TF : Chupacabra
Dragon CrusadersCreature TF (Gargoyle)
Phineas and FerbAnimal TF (Cow)
Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade NinjaCreature TF: Monster
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsAlteration: Body
Krypto the Superdog2) Inflation: Air
Krypto the Superdog1) Inflation: Air
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