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Avatar The Last Airbender
The story of the Avatar, master of the elements, who must free the world from the tyranny of the Fire Lord.
About this show Type: Animated Show
Release Year: 2003
Number of Transformation Clips: 2
Number of Scene Clips: 23
Number of Characters: 8
Number of Episodes: 61
Last Updated: 2011-03-20 21:36:04
SetphaserstomissSetphaserstomiss2011-08-02 20:50:39

Sweet show and awesome story. I bet it wasn't a hardship to watch this one eh? lol :D Good work!

Oli2000sOli2000s2022-08-16 09:09:34

Great nice show so says what that hell is released 2003? but not relased 2003 but also 2005 was release date show in Nickelodeon...