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Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
SnakeInanimated TF: Object (Chain)
PeopleAnimal TF: Bee
LokiAnimal TF: Polar Bear
BeesSize Change: Growth
ManAnimal TF: Bee
Tyrannosaurus RexAge Change: Progression
Bruce Banner2) Inflation: Muscle (Hulk)
BoyAnimal TF: Clam
Bruce Banner1) Inflation: Muscle (Hulk) (Revert)
Spider-Man, Firestar and Iceman1) Element Change: Stone
ManAnimal TF: Arachnoid
ManAnimal TF: Werewolf (Revert)
Spider-Man, Firestar and Iceman2) Element Change: Stone (Revert)
Firestar, IcemanAnimal TF: Bee (Revert)
People, BeesMultiple (Revert)
DraculaAnimal TF: Bat
DraculaAnimal TF: Bat
Tyrannosaurus RexAge Change: Progression (Revert)
Women0Creature TF: Demon
DarkonElement Change: Stone (Revert)
ManAnimal TF: Cockroach
Normand OsbornCreature TF: Green Goblin
PlaneAnimal TF: Bat
ThunderbirdAnimal TF: Bear
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