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Sabrina The Teenage Witch
SabrinaElemental Change: Ice
HarveyAnimal TF: Frog (Revert)
SabrinaAlteration: Body
WomanInanimated TF: Ball of Wax
SalemAnimal TF: Fish
Hilda, ZeldaAlteration: Wings Growth
Sabrina, ZeldaInanimated TF: Dolls
Hilda, ZeldaCreature TF: Monster
GirlAnimal TF: Goat
SabrinaAge Change: Progression
SabrinaTransgender: Male (Revert)
ManAnimal TF: Cockroach
PeopleSize Change: Shrink (Revert)
ManSize Change: Shrink
HarveyAnimal TF: Dog (Revert)
WomenAnimal TF: Cat (Revert)
Hilda, Zelda, SalemAnimal TF: Pig (Revert)
HildaPlant TF: Fruit Basket
HildaTransgender: Male
SabrinaAge Change: Progression
Hilda, ZeldaInanimated TF: Appliances (Revert)
SabrinaElemental Change: Water
ManPlant TF: Pumpkin
SabrinaAnimal TF: Fly
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