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Kim Possible
RufusInflation: Weight Gain
Kim Ron & RufusMind: Switch
Kim & RonMind: Switch
Coach Barkin2) Creature TF: Fishman (Gills)
Coach Barkin1) Creature TF: Fishman Scales)
Kim Possible8) Animal TF: Monkey (Revert)
Kim Possible7) Animal TF: Monkey (Part 7/7)
Kim Possible6) Animal TF: Monkey (Part 6/7)
Kim Possible5) Animal TF: Monkey (Part 5/7)
Kim Possible4) Animal TF: Monkey (Part 4/7)
Kim Possible3) Animal TF: Monkey (Part 3/7)
Kim Possible2) Animal TF: Monkey (Part 2/7)
Kim Possible1) Animal TF: Monkey (Part 1/7)
Jackie the JackalAnimal TF: Jackal (Revert)
Jackie the JackalAnimal TF: Jackal
Jackie the JackalSize: Growth
ShegoSize: Shrink
ManSize: Shrink
RonAnimal TF: Beaver (Revert)
Ron2) Animal TF: Beaver
Ron1) Animal TF: Beaver
BoysAnimal TF: Various
BoyAnimal TF: Fishman
MenAge Change: Regression (Revert)
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