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Alienators: Evolution Continues
WayneAlteration: 2 Headed
Wayne2) Animal TF: Rhinoceros
WayneAnimal TF: Mix
Wayne1) Alteration: Tentacle
Mutated LizardSize Change: Growth
WayneCreature TF: Merman
WayneAnimal TF: Elephant
WaynePlant TF: Tree (Arms)
AlienatorsOutfit Change: Armor
People1) Animal TF: Various
ScopesSize Change: Shrink
FuzzballCreature TF: Monster
Mutated TurtleSize Change: Growth
WayneAlteration: Fur Ball
ScopesAnimal TF: Praying Mantis
WayneAlteration: Tentacle and 2 Headed
Dick1) Animal TF: Lizard
Slugs (Genus)Animal TF: Lizard
Wayne2) Alteration: Tentacle (Revert)
WayneAnimal TF: Lizard
Wayne3) Animal TF: Rhinoceros
WayneAnimal TF: Protoplasm (Revert)
WayneAlteration: Tentavle and Animal Feet
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