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Dragon Ball Z
Gohan1) Animal TF: Oozaru
Frieza1) Inflation: Muscle
Gohan1) Animal TF: Oozaru
Mini Majin BuuMerge: Majin Buu
Frieza2) Inflation: Muscle (Revert)
Garlic Jr2) Inflation: Muscle (Revert)
Gohan2) Animal TF: Oozaru (Revert)
VegetaAnimal TF: Oozaru (Revert)
GinyuMind Transfer: Frog
SpopovitchInflation: Air
NailInflation: Muscle (Revert)
VegetaAnimal TF: Oozaru
Majin Buu2) Inflation: Muscle
Goten and TrunksMerge: Gotenks
Goku, GinyuMind Transfer: Goku (Revert)
GohanInflation: Muscle
Goten and TrunksMerge: Super Saiyan Gotenks
FriezaInflation: Muscle (Revert)
Piccolo1) Inflation: Muscle
NameksCreature TF: Aliens
Majin BuuInflation: Air
Majin Buu1) Inflation: Muscle
FrougInflation: Air
Goku, Vegeta, Z FightersSize Change: Shrink (Revert)
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