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Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
Luigi and King2) Animal TF: Dog (Revert)
Prince Hugo1) Animal TF: Poodle
Koopa, Kooky von Koopa, Mario, Luigi and ToadAge Change: Regression
Mario, Luigi, Princess, ToadAnimal TF: Raccoon
Koopa, Kooky von KoopaAge Change: Regression (Revert)
Mario1) Animal TF: Koopa (Part 1/2)
Bully, Kooky, Big Mouth, Hip Koopa1) Size: Growth
People2) Animal TF: Koopa (Revert)
PlantSize: Growth
DogcatcherAnimal TF: Dog
Bully, Kooky, Big Mouth, Hip Koopa2) Size: Growth (Revert)
Mario1) Size: Growth
Mario2) Size: Growth (Revert)
Luigi and King1) Animal TF: Dog
King KoopaMultiple:
King Koopa2) Animal TF: Raccoon
PeopleAnimal TF: Various
People1) Animal TF: Koopa
Prince Hugo2) Animal TF: Poodle (Revert)
King Koopa1) Animal TF: Raccoon
ParrotSize: Growth
KootieAnimal TF Human
RobotAnimal TF: Godzilla
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