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The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)
TomInflation: Muscle
TomAnimal TF: Bull
TomInflation: Air
JerryInflation: Muscle
TomInflation: Water
RabbitSize Change: Growth
TomInflation: Muscle
DogInflation: Weight Gain
JerrySize Change: Growth
Tom, Jerry, Cat, RatInflation: Weight Gain
GopherSize Change: Growth
TomInflation: Muscle
Tom, MonsterSize Change: Growth
CatInflation: Weight Gain
JerryInflation: Weight Gain
NewtAnimal TF: Bat
Tom, Jerry, MouseInflation: Muscle
Tom, JerryAnimal TF: Frog
DucklingCreature TF: Monster (Revert)
TomAnimal TF: Mouse
TomAnimal TF: Dragon
JerryInflation: Muscle
MouseInflation: Muscle
DucklingCreature TF: Monster
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