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Courage the Cowardly Dog
MurielCreature TF: Monster
Muriel, EustaceCreature TF: Monster
Muriel, CourageCreature TF: Monster (Revert)
Giant FlySize Change: Shrink
CourageCreature TF: Monster
Muriel, EustaceCreature TF: Various
MurielSize: Growth
EustaceWeight Gain: Food
Dragon2) Vore: Eustace
Dragon1) Vore: Eustace
Dolphin, ManAnimal TF: Various
CourageSize: Growth
Muriel (Monster)Animal TF: Cow
MonsterAnimal TF: Rabbit
Baby GiraffeVore: Tiger, White (Revert)
Worm, GiantVore: Space Bears and Muriel
CourageAnimal TF: Tyrannosaurus Rex
SharkVore: Katz
Sand WhaleVore: Ma
Sand WhaleVore: Eustace & Muriel
RatInflation: Muscle
RatAge Change: Regression
MurielAnimal TF: Were-mole
MenAnimal TF: Buffalo
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