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Conan the Adventurer
Conan’s MotherElement Change: Stone
Conan2) Age Change: Progression (Revert)
Ram-amonCreature TF: Naga (Revert)
PeopleAnimal TF: Serpent-Man
ManAnimal TF: Rat
StatueCreature TF: Golem
LocarElemental Change: Fire
NagaAnimal TF: Horse (Revert)
Wrath-amonAnimal TF: Lizard (Revert)
ConanAnimal TF: Serpent-Man (Revert)
VinturousAnimal TF: Wind-Fang (Revert)
WomanAge Change: Progression (Revert)
MesmeraAnimal TF: Wolf (Revert)
DregsAnimal TF: Worm
DragonspawnsElemental Change: Stone (Revert)
Serpent Riders1) Size Change: Growth
AnimalsAnimal TF: Jhebbal Sag (Revert)
PantherElemental Change: Stone
LightningCreature TF: Demon Hunter
StatuesAnimal: Snakes
ManAge Change: Regression
Conan's Parents and GrandfatherElement Change: Stone
Greywolf1) Age Change: Progression
Mesha & Sasha1) Animal TF: Wolf
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