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Care Bears
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The Thing That Came to StayEnglish1
2Lotsa Heart's WishEnglish1
3Tugs the BraveEnglish1
4The TurnaboutEnglish1
5The Space BubblesEnglish1
6Desert GoldEnglish1
7Coconut CrazyEnglish1
9Cheer of the JungleEnglish1
10Order on the CourtEnglish1
11The Wrath of ShreekyEnglish1
12Under the Big TopEnglish1
14The Pirate TreasureEnglish1
15Lost at SeaEnglish1
16Grumpy and ClumsyEnglish1
17Bright Heart's Bad DayEnglish1
18The All Powerful Mr. BeastlyEnglish1
19Lucky CharmEnglish1
20The Care Bear CarneysEnglish1
21The Magic LampEnglish1
22The Sleeping GiantEnglish1
23The Show Must Go OnEnglish1
24Day DreamsEnglish1
25Magic MirrorEnglish1
26The Dry SpellEnglish1
27The Land Without FeelingsEnglish1
28The Mystery of the PhantomEnglish1
29The Night the Stars Went OutEnglish1
30Care-A-Lot's BirthdayEnglish1
31The Two PrincesesEnglish1
33The Care Bear Town ParadeEnglish1
34Care Bears Battle the Freeze MachineEnglish1
35No Business Like Show BusinessEnglish1
36The Care-A-Lot GamesEnglish1
38The Great RaceEnglish1
39Songfellow Strum and His Magic TrainEnglish1
40The Care Bears Excerise ShowEnglish1
41The Camp OutEnglish1
42Soap Box DerbyEnglish1
43The Lost GiftEnglish1
44The Fountain of YouthEnglish1
45Treat Heart Baba and the Two ThievesEnglish1
46Concrete RainEnglish1
47The Cloud WormEnglish1
48On Million C.B.English1
49The Girl Who Cried WolfEnglish1
50Home Sweet HomelessEnglish1
51Hearts at SeaEnglish1
52Ski TroubleEnglish1
53Perils of the PyramidEnglish1
54The Care Bear Book of Facts and FableEnglish1
55The Magic ShopEnglish1
56The Show DownEnglish1
57The Fabulous Care Bears Safety ShowEnglish1
58Mayor for a DayEnglish1
59Grin and Bear ItEnglish1
60Grams Cooking CornerEnglish1
61King of the MoonEnglish1
62Bad Luck FridayEnglish1
63On DutyEnglish1
64It's Raining, It's PouringEnglish1
65Cheer's ChanceEnglish1
66I, Robot HeartEnglish1
67Wedding BellsEnglish1
68The Factory of UncaringEnglish1
69A Hungry Little GuyEnglish1
70The Best Ways to Make FriendsEnglish1
71Food FrolicsEnglish1
72The Old Man and the LighthouseEnglish1
73Beautiful DreamerEnglish1
74The Most Ancient GiftEnglish1
75The Frozen ForestEnglish1
76The Big Star Round-UpEnglish1
77The Secret of the BoxEnglish1
78Doctor Brightenstein's MonsterEnglish1
79The Music VideoEnglish1
80Drab CityEnglish1
81The Long Lost Care BearsEnglish1
82Bedtime for Care-A-LotEnglish1
83Forest of MisfortuneEnglish1
84The Purple ChariotEnglish1
85The Caring CrystalsEnglish1
86Birthday BluesEnglish1
87Caring for SpringEnglish1
88Gram Bear's ThanksgivingEnglish1
89Split DecisionEnglish1
90The Care Fair ScareEnglish1
91The Cloud of UncaringEnglish1
92Grumpy's Little FriendEnglish1
93The Last LaughEnglish1
94Home Safety VideoEnglish1
95The Cloud MonsterEnglish1
96Grumpy's Three WishesEnglish1