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Cardcaptor Sakura
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1One Fateful DayEnglish1
2Partners In CrimeEnglish1
4An Unexpected FindEnglish1
5Trouble At Twin BellsEnglish1
6Seeing Is BelievingEnglish1
7The Mysterious PaintingEnglish1
8Sakura's RivalEnglish1
9Double Edged SwordEnglish1
10An Unexpected ReunionEnglish1
11The Special BoxEnglish1
12Time And AgainEnglish1
13Power's PloyEnglish1
14Play Misty For ToriEnglish1
15Kero and Sakura's Big FightEnglish1
16Sakura and the Rainbow of MemoriesEnglish1
17The CaveEnglish1
18A Fair To RememberEnglish1
19Nothing To ReportEnglish1
20The New RivalEnglish1
21The Long MarathonEnglish1
22No Time For SleepEnglish1
23Practice Makes PerfectEnglish1
24No Problem Too SmallEnglish1
25Double TakeEnglish1
26No Way OutEnglish1
27Return To The FutureEnglish1
28Buyer BewareEnglish1
29How Sweet It IsEnglish1
30The RaceEnglish1
31Dragon SlayerEnglish1
32The SwitchEnglish1
33Ice BreakerEnglish1
34By the Light of the Full MoonEnglish1
35The Third ElementEnglish1
36Stormy WeatherEnglish1
37The Show Must Go OnEnglish1
38A Berry Strange DayEnglish1
39Under the WeatherEnglish1
40Dreams Can Come TrueEnglish1
41The Sands of TimeEnglish1
42A Strange IntermissionEnglish1
43Meilin's StoryEnglish1
44The Last Card, Part 1English1
45The Last Card, Part 2English1
46The Final JudgementEnglish1
47The Past, The Present and The Future, Part 1English1
48A Strange New Beginning, Part 2English1
49The Dangerous PianoEnglish1
50The Threads That BindEnglish1
51Attack of the Teddy BearEnglish1
52Trouble at the ParkEnglish1
53Running Out of TimeEnglish1
54Calendar of MemoriesEnglish1
55Sakura in WonderlandEnglish1
56Spinning Out of ControlEnglish1
57Li's CallingEnglish1
58Double TroubleEnglish1
60Just Like Old TimesEnglish1
61A Present For the CardsEnglish1
62Sakura's Strange FortuneEnglish1
63A Wave of DangerEnglish1
64A Slippery SlopeEnglish1
65Lights, Camera, Vanish!English1
66When Stars FallEnglish1
67The Calm Before the StormEnglish1
68Sakura's Return to the PastEnglish1
69Revelations, Part 1English1
70Revelations, Part 2English1