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Captain N the Game Master
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Kevin In VideolandEnglish1
2How's BayouEnglish1
3The Most Dangerous Game MasterEnglish1
5Mega Trouble For MegalandEnglish1
6Wishful ThinkingEnglish1
7Three Men And A DragonEnglish1
8Mr. & Mrs. Mother BrainEnglish1
9Nightmare On Mother Brain's StreetEnglish1
10Simon The Ape-ManEnglish1
11In Search Of The KingEnglish1
12Metroid Sweet MetroidEnglish1
13Happy Birthday, Mega ManEnglish1
15Quest For The Potion Of PowerEnglish1
16Having A BallEnglish1
17Once Upon A Time MachineEnglish1
18The Trojan DragonEnglish1
19The Feud Of FaxanaduEnglish1
20The Big GameEnglish1
21I Wish I Was A WombatmanEnglish1
22Queen Of The ApesEnglish1
23The Lost City Of KongolandEnglish1
24The Invasion Of The Paper PedalersEnglish1
25The Trouble With TetrisEnglish1
26Germ WarsEnglish1
27When Mother Brain RulesEnglish1
28Misadventures In Robin Hood WoodsEnglish1
29Return To CastlevaniaEnglish1
30Pursuit Of The Magic HoopEnglish1
31Totally TetrisizedEnglish1
32A Tale Of Two DogsEnglish1
33Battle Of The Baseball Know-It-AllsEnglish1
34The Fractured Fantasy Of Captain NEnglish1