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Olliver's Adventures
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Ice Storm; Albertasaur-I-Oh!; Saving SublantisEnglish1
2Air Show; Tales of an Arabian Fright; Wise Man on the MountainEnglish1
3Ollie Hood and His Merry Men; Honey, I Shrunk the Jorge; The Aliens Are Coming!English1
4Sufferin' Sasquatch; Clone Alone; Asteroid BeltEnglish1
5Time Out; The Great Escape; Back Seat DriverEnglish1
6Hectic Celtic; Choc-O-Files; Attack of the 50-Foot FurballEnglish1
7Vikings from Space; He's Got the Whole World in His Hands; TremorsEnglish1
8Warpo General Hospital; Toys R' Bust; The Weakest Don't ThinkEnglish1
9Wish Hard; It's a Fullawart's Life; Olliver and the BeanstalkEnglish1
10Raisin a Stink; What a Pain in the Neck; Wolfman ZackEnglish1
11Waiting for Mummy; Abominable Snow, Man; Cool EtudesEnglish1
12Who Is Taylor Irksome; Jorge-Zilla; Kidsky & ClutchEnglish1
13Tooth Loose; Being Cray Baddie; Whale of a TimeEnglish1
14Olliver Fast Sledder; Tall Ships Ahoy!; Kids with BroomsEnglish2
15Surf and Turf; Cringing Ollie Out of Sight Johnny; Don't Worry, Be QuietEnglish2
16Re-Energized; Slippery Slope!; Out of the Bean Can Into the BeanoEnglish2
17Boy vs. Grasshopper; A Pound of Cure; New Best FriendEnglish2
18Ollie Ollie Odyssey; Bus Stop; Real Re-OllityEnglish2
19The Green Rabbit; Dumpelstirback; Off SideEnglish2
20Dinosaur Taunter; Eye of the Volcano; Planet of the RatsEnglish2
21Sweaters Galore; Fooling Father Time; Christmas Past PerfectEnglish2
22Scaredy Witch; The Good, the Bad, and the Ollie; The Headless JanitorEnglish2
23All Hands on Deck; May I Take Your Order; Bored SickEnglish2
24Two Leagues Under the Sea; Kung Pow Panda; Duck, Duck, Switcheroo!English2
25Babysitter's School; Mirrorland; Ollie and the Hermit CrabEnglish2
26Stanked; The Singing Pickle; Swamp GasEnglish2
27Love the Hair; Say Cheese!; Recycling BluesEnglish3
28Lightnin' Frightnin'; Classic Rock; And Then There Was OllieEnglish3
29Thar's Gold in Them Thar Teeth; All Hail Trogg; Ollie-BabaEnglish3
30Bad News Scare; Pit Stop; Airport 99English3
31For Your Eyes Only; This Little Piggie Had None; ElectionEnglish3
32All the Ollies; Swallow the Leader; Oh! Gee! Hey!English3
33Cosmic Cleaner; The Northern Lights Have Seen Strange Sights; General OllieEnglish3
34Heavy Pants; Flying Trapeze; Dr. KildykicksEnglish3
35The Red Ukulele; Ollie in Blunderland; The Lost SpikeEnglish3
36Mama's Boy; Ollie Ollivia; A Clean GetawayEnglish3
37Safari Sogoodie; Coral City; Como Say LlamaEnglish3
38Cousin Gord; Citizen Ollie; Nursery NonsenseEnglish3
39Fashion Scares; Ollie the Barbarian; TroubleEnglish3